Monday 04 October 2021

Photonics are at the heart of many other innovations:

  • Without photonics there are no computers, no internet, no cloud as we know it.
  • Without photonics industry 4.0 will stay at 3.0.
  • Without photonics there will be no self-driving vehicles.

Discuss the latest tech developments, manufacturing and testing challenges and market opportunities with the Berlin and Brandenburg based companies and institutes and the international community. New challenges and coming breakthroughs in quantum technologies, integrated photonics and the integration of artificial intelligence in photonics are on the horizon of engineering and in industry.

This year half online and half in presence/hybrid, the event is a networking platform to connect participants from different sectors and regions, so that you can cooperate to innovate and create value for new Photonics-based value chains together. Register for the conference and take part in their 1:1 meetings.

07 Oct 2021 Registration and profile submission
07 Oct. 2021 Online selection of bilateral meetings
4-7 Oct. 2021 Bilateral meetings
Contact person in Switzerland

Inès Rossetti  +41 58 468 70 38

Participant list Search Online
Website https://photonics-days-berlin-brandenburg-2021.b2match.io
Event language English
Participant fee EEN discount by selecting Member online (70€ instead of 100€) or member On-site (140€ instead of 200€)


How it works

  1. Register and submit your cooperation profile online (be aware of the deadline)
  2. Profiles are published in a constantly updated online catalogue
  3. Select interesting profiles and request meetings
  4. Individual meeting times will be sent