Wednesday 18 January 2023



Our match-making event brings together participants from all over Europe and beyond. It is the unique opportunity to generate new contacts and to build up project consortia.

Participants have the opportunity to pre-arrange meetings with other participants in order to identify possible collaborators and to facilitate the setup of Horizon Europe project consortia.


18 January 2023 Registration and profile submission
18 January 2023 Online selection of bilateral meetings
18 January 2023 Bilateral meetings


Contact person in Switzerland This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.           +41 (0)58 469 07 59
Participant list Search Online
Website Horizon Europe Cluster 2 Brokerage Event
Event language English
Participant Fee free of charge


How it works

  1. Register and submit your cooperation profile online (be aware of the deadline)
  2. Profiles are published in a constantly updated online catalogue
  3. Select interesting profiles and request meetings
  4. Individual meeting times will be sent