Monday 01 July 2024



The third call of the Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) Partnership opens on 1st July 2024. It will focus on people-centered urban transformation and will provide relevant research and innovation topics in: 15-minute City, Positive Energy Districts and Circular Urban Economies.
An updated matchmaking platform to find partners to apply for the DUT 2024 call is available here https://dut-call-2024.b2match.io/

More information on the DUT Call 2024 https://dutpartnership.eu/dut-call-2024/

14 Nov 2024 Registration and profile submission
14 Nov 2024 Online selection of bilateral meetings
14 Nov 2024 Bilateral meetings


Contact person in Switzerland

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    +41 (0)58 461 89 85

Participant list Search Online
Website Matchmaking Platform for DUT Call 2024
Event language English
Participant fee Free of charge


How it works

  1. Register and submit your cooperation profile online (be aware of the deadline)
  2. Profiles are published in a constantly updated online catalogue
  3. Select interesting profiles and request meetings
  4. Individual meeting times will be sent