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Title: Partner for a project in digital diagnostics: disease areas - cancer, women’s health, skin ailment sought

Scailyte is working on developing digital diagnostic biomarkers for dreadful disease conditions using single-cell transcriptomics. We are already working on a few cancer types and through a collaboration using this platform, would like to expand our disease area.

Early detection of alarming health conditions using data from Single-cell technology, is what we seek to address. All currently available diagnostics employ bulk cellular approaches and hence block our ability to detect changes that occur within a few cells very early during disease development. The application of single-cell methodologies enables the identification of the minor subpopulations that may play a critical role in a biological process of a population of cells and further reveal molecular mechanisms and pathways that could be subject to therapeutic intervention. Single cell analysis also facilitates clinical investigation in cases where the patient material is scarce. What we do even better, is to best harvest the power of single cell technology with a highly sensitive and rapid analysis using AI-based data analysis pipeline to foster development of single-cell analysis based biomarkers of early stages of critical diseases and potentially also discriminate it from other similar types of conditions to allow a better therapeutic intervention. Scailyte’s expertise includes experimental design, single cell data acquisition with multiple “omics” platforms such as CyTOF and single-cell sequencing, and deep data analysis with our deep learning algorithm and interpretation by experts in the single cell field. We aim to unlock the full potential of single-cell data by providing AI-based technology for the discovery of ultra-sensitive Cell-Identity signatures and develop avenues for clinical and commercial applications. We are focusing on developing highly sensitive biomarkers for early detection of critical human diseases as well as distinguish them from other overlapping disorders. We generate single-cell sequencing data from patient groups in collaboration with our clinical partners. Data is then analyzed with our in-house deep learning algorithm pipelines that scan through the markers and patterns and identify relevant biomarkers. We patent these biomarkers and perform independent clinical validations. Next, we partner with externalsuppliers to transform these biomarkers into diagnostic kits. We aim to target the biggest health centres in Europe and North America and provide them with the cost-effective, affordable, simple and easy-to-use detection kits that can be accessible to people of any background encouraging a better and healthier lifestyle. Our ultimate beneficiaries would be clinics, healthcare centres and diagnostic labs.

What we offer:
We offer our expertise of using Artificial intelligence and data analysis platforms.

What we are looking for:
An SME, Institute or any other organisation sharing interest similar to ours. We aim to expand our clinical database, so ideally a partner already associated with a clinics, would be a good choice. But, any organisation that is interested in working in disease area diagnostics, would be of potential interest to us.

Type and role of partner sought:
The specific area of activity of the partner and the tasks to be
performed by the partner sought:

1. In Switzerland:
We are looking for a partner (university, R&D center) with a strong background or interest in clinical research. The partner should be interested in the
development of novel biomarkers in disease areas with unmet
clinical needs and in analysing clinical samples using cutting-edge
technology for the identification of biomarkers.

2. In South Korea:
We are looking for a partner (company, university, R&D center) with experience in the development, commercialization and marketing of novel in vitro diagnostics for human health. We are open for different forms of collaboration that involve research, technological aspects or commercialization of single-cell diagnostics.

Contact person in Switzerland:
Nicolas Lentze This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+41 (0)58 469 07 59