Promote your innovation in international markets or look for a specific technology

With the help of a Swiss EEN advisor, you can publish your own technology profile (innovation offer or request) on the central EEN database and receive expressions of interests from companies interested in working with you. We then support you to get in contact with the selected ones.


In practice 

  • Profiles provide a description of what is offered/requested and what type of partners are sought
  • Profiles are anonymous in order to protect your business from competitors
  • The marketing of products or services that do not involve technology transfer is not supported


Enterprise Europe Network Switzerland advisors will help you to draft and create your profile, as well as the description of your ideal partner. Depending on the offer or request you might get between 3 and 10 Expressions of Interest in one year.

We inform you whenever a company expresses an interest in your profile. You will then decide whether or not to contact those companies and initiate cooperation.


We provide step by step support:

  1. Contact us to get the technology profiles form
  2. If suitable, an initial meeting may be arranged to ascertain your needs
  3. Once drafted the profile will be internally and externally reviewed
  4. The profile will be published on the EEN Partnering Opportunities Database
  5. Expressions of interest for cooperation will be sent to you