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EUROSTARS Project coordinator looking for partner on the bakery or flour industry

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: RDES20180626001
Publication Date: 29 June 2018


A Spanish SME working on biotechnology of cereal seeds offering solutions to particular groups, such us celiac patients, is coordinating a proposal under Eurostars programme that aims to develop healthy breads based on the selection of the cereal seeds and fermentation process. The company is looking for a partner from the bakery or flour industry in order to perform food safety and quality tests of the products obtained.


Celiac disease and wheat sensitivity affect more than 12% of the population in western countries, and according to the most recent statistics, the incidence of these diseases is increasing. The main ingredients responsible for these pathologies are gluten and fructans. As a result, the percentage of the population following a gluten-free diet increases every day. The ultimate goal of the project is the development of healthy breads, with a low content of ingredients related to the main food intolerances caused by bread, while preserving all its nutritional properties. The basis for the development of these breads will be the sourdough, with long periods of fermentation. The principle of selecting healthy ingredients begins with local varieties of wheat, and other cereal flours. The final consumer will have control of traceability over the entire cultivation and production process.The Spanish SME wants to set up a Eurostars project for the call deadline of the 13th of September. They are looking for a European bakery or flour company in order to make food safety and quality tests of the product.
The Eurostars project should last around 36 months.
Expression of Interest deadline: 30 July 2018

Stage Of Development

Concept stage

Requested partner

The project coordinator is looking for a company working, at least, at one of the following activities:
- Flours industry: The quality of the proteic flours produced entitles it to acceptance on the most demanding markets around the world (wheat and oat flour)
- Baking industry: All types of bread and baked goods are being produced in the company, including the production of bread as well as sale of catering equipment and bakery and pastry equipment. Of course it is also possible to use gluten-free flour.
- The bakery that baked the bread: partially baked, pre-packed bakery wares and energy reduced bread.
In all these type of companies, their role would be related to food safety and quality tasks (food-borne diseases, quality and nutritional properties).

Cooperation offer is closed for requests