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European Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LLEA – i.e. Local Police) required for a H2020 project proposal aimed at empowering LLEA to fight against crime and terrorism.

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: RDES20190627001
Publication Date: 3 July 2019


A Spanish Public University is in need to complete a consortium with European Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LLEA – i.e. Local Police) for a H2020 project proposal aimed at empowering LLEA to fight against crime and terrorism. The proposal will be submitted to the following topic: Technologies to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism: SUFCT02-2018-2019-2020. As end-users LLEA will participate in defining the standard graphical notation, the system requisites and the testing scenario.


One of the main challenges proposed by the European Union within the framework of the H2020 research is that of secure societies, establishing for this concept a general perspective. 

Security is a first magnitude concern as a consequence of the international context and the processes of social, political and strategic change that affect our society, for which the security is one of the necessary conditions to guarantee the welfare, economic development and the generation of employment and wealth.

In fact, one of the objectives of the H2020 support is to promote safe European societies in a context of unprecedented transformations, growing interdependence and global threats, as well as the strengthening of the European culture of freedom and justice.

In this context, Local Law Enforcement Agencies are one of the security bodies that better can contribute to improve the fight against terrorism. It is a security body characterized by their proximity to citizens, which allows to them to be the first one on arrival in situations security forces are required. For this reason, their participation in the fight against terrorism could be fundamental in contributing to maintain security and protection of the European citizens.

However, there are several factors preventing Local Law Enforcement Agencies to take advantage of this circumstance, such as:

- Lack of specific preparation to face terrorists’ threats.
- Orientation of these units to the most daily tasks, at a local level, in many cases with an administrative focus.
- Wide diversity and heterogeneity of performance and procedures in the different municipalities.
- Lack of protocols and operating standards in these situations.
- Lack of technological tools to help both in the operative and preventative phases, as well as in possible derivative actions.

Specifically, one of the proposed challenges in this topic is the provision of Technologies to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism. The synergy of emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can offer a better and more efficient way to prevent subsequent attacks or crimes or, in the last case, to combat it as effectively as possible.

In this sense, the objective of the project is to propose an advance comprehensive system which contemplates the whole operation process in the fight against terrorism in the context of local police, from the training to real operations.

This project proposal is based on emerging technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data and is composed by:
- A new advanced live simulation tool for training in emergency situations against terrorist attacks which aims to improve the capabilities of the Local Law Enforcement Agencies.
- An advanced tool to help decision-making to prevent and to act against terrorist attacks.

In order to co-develop the system, the coordinator requires Local Law Enforcement Agencies.

Partnership confirmed so far:
- Spanish University (coordinator), ES
- Spanish SME, ES
- Italian SME, IT
- Italian Local Law Enforcement Agency, IT
- Spanish Local Law Enforcement Agency, ES

The project proposal will be submitted to the following H2020 topic: Technologies to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism: SUFCT02-2018-2019-2020:

Call for proposals opening: 14 March 2019.

Call for proposals deadline: 22 August 2019 17:00:00 Brussels time.

EOIs deadline: 26/July/2019.

Advantages and Innovations

- The system offers a planning environment for training real missions for any security situation facing terrorism. It will provide standard notations of graphic symbology created specifically for local police forces and based on cartography from different sources and formats.

- A system completely directed by the antiterrorist action procedures designed for local police, based on successful tested demonstrations in the real field, for example in the military field.

- An intelligent environment based on Internet of Things devices, responsible for the acquisition of all context information that appears during a training or real operation.

- A system that monitors and analyses the information obtained from training on real operations. The system will also be feed by the data received from the surrounding intelligent environment based on IoT. It will also bring realism to training thanks to the unpredictability of the situations, derived from the interactions of the participants. For planning real operations, the system will analyse the the information acquired by the IoT devices and the actions carried out by trainees to predict behaviour patterns and enable quick response.

- The system that reduces training costs and exposure to real danger existing in current police and military contexts.
- The training system allows the customization of exercises based on results, the measurement and evaluation of the participants, the formulation of methodologies and training strategies.

- A system of interaction, representation of situations and coordination with local police members in different roles which allows visualization of what is happening at all times, from the actions being developed in operational scenarios (both training and real operations), as well as coordination with those involved in action and with decision-makers, at any level.

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Requested partner

Type of Partner Sought: Local Law Enforcement Agencies (Local Police). EU member States Security bodies competent on law enforcement at municipal / local level.  

Role of Partner Sought: They will participate from the beginning of the project in:

- Advising on the definition of the standard graphical notation for local law enforcement.

- Helping to define the requisites of the system for the local law enforcement context.

- Defining and prepare the test scenarios.

- Performing the test of the system in each country.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests