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EUROSTARS: A Spanish company is looking for an engineering company experienced in electronics and mechanical solutions

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: RDES20190710001
Publication Date: 10 July 2019


A Spanish company, expert in developing analytical instrumentation, is working on an Eurostars proposal as coordinator. The aim of the project is to develop a high efficient screener based on a new detection technology. To do this, an engineering company is searched as a partner, for the development of the electronics, the sampling system and the automatization under research cooperation agreement.


A Spanish research SME, focused on the development of analytical instrumentation in many fields with a large trajectory in security, is working on an Eurostar proposal which aim is to develop a sensor for screening in checkpoints based on a new technology.

The technology is already developed, but it has to be adapted to the new requirements. To do this, the main required activities are based on redesigning of electronic modules, automatization of some processes and development new engineering solutions. These innovations have to be integrated in the final system which will be tested and validated at the end of the project.

The company is looking for collaboration to develop these tasks with good performances of reliability, easy to replace, modular, etc.

The proposal will be presented to Eurostars in September, 12nd (call 2019)
The expression of interest will be opened until the 12nd of August,12nd
The proposed project has duration of 2 years and the consortium will be based on just two SMEs.

Advantages and Innovations

The proposed technology includes a high level of novelty and it will be applied in many security areas from now, the potential impact of this solution is huge since it can be the new technology in detection.

Stage Of Development

Project in negotiations - urgent

Requested partner

The partner sought for the R&D collaborative project can be an SME specialized in R&D. It should have expertise in engineering processes such as electronic development, mechanical designing and automatization.
The role is based on a cooperation agreement for developing a new screening solution.

The partner sought must be located in a country eligible for Eurostars projects.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests