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H2020 MG-2-12-2020: Improving road safety by monitoring effectively working patterns and overall fitness of drivers. Partners are sought for testing activities and validation of human machine interfaces in cars or trucks.

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: RDES20191128001
Publication Date: 28 November 2019


A Spanish research organization, acting as coordinator in a proposal for call MG-2-12-2020 (Horizon 2020), is looking for a company with car/truck fleets.  The project will design, implement and test a new screening tool, with easy replicability at European and worldwide levels, for the monitoring and evaluation of driving performance, cognitive load, physical fatigue and reaction time.


The project aims to create a tool that will improve roadside controls and continuous driver’s fitness check. The driver fitness will be constantly checked by the system and periodic information, duly complying with general data protection regulation (GDPR), will be sent to the authorities in charge of the driving licences in order to allow them to ask for additional medical checks in case some pre-defined thresholds. 

The proposal is composed of 9-11 partners, representing 6 Member States (Spain, Swiss, Italy, France, Germany and Israel)

The coordinator is looking for an organization of car/truck professional users, able to define use cases for the project and that will benefit from its results by enabling new tools for their own safety. There are no requirements in type or size. Easter country entities are welcome.

Funding programme: MG-2-12-2020: Improving road safety by monitoring effectively working patterns and overall fitness of drivers. Research and innovation action.
Two stage proposal:
Deadline 1st stage (10 pages document): 09 January 2020
Deadline 2nd stage (full proposal, only if passed the first selection): 08 September 2020.

Duration of the project: 36 months.

Available budget for the project: 3.000.000€. Available budget for the partner is subject to tasks responsibilities achieved.

Expressions of interest are welcome before the 20th December 2019.

Advantages and Innovations

The project will make use of several technological solutions in a creative way to defined problems related driving status in professional vehicles.

Requested partner

The research centre is seeking for car/truck professional users. The role of the partner will be to test the first results and validate of the demonstrative prototype, define use cases and participate in solution creation.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests