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Horizon 2020 CE-BIOTEC-08-2020: Looking for companies working in biotechnologies and bioremediation and experts on soil pollutants removal.

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: RDES20200220002
Publication Date: 20 February 2020


A Spanish technology centre is preparing a project proposal to the H2020 call CE-BIOTEC-08-2020. The technology proposed is focused on different nano strategies to be combined with bioremediation technologies in order to remove several contaminants (inorganic and/or organic pollutants). The technologies developed will be tested in a pilot by analyzing 3-5 tonnes of contaminated soil. Partners needed: companies working in biotechnologies and bioremediation and experts on soil pollutants removal.


A Spanish research centre is a non-profit, private technology centre. It has a large trajectory in international cooperation. The centre has coordinated 19 of the total 35 participated European projects from FP6 to Horizon 2020 including LIFE and ECO-Innovation programs. The main RTD fields where the company develops its activities are nanotechnology, new materials and advanced-environment technologies.

In the context of advanced-environment technologies, it has previous expertise in bioremediation projects (focused mainly on hydrocarbons) on national and international projects. Core business of research of the centre is related with the production of nanoparticles and the application of nanotechnologies in different market sectors.

The centre is working with a research organization in the north of Spain with main expertise on nanobioremediation technologies, and different partners interested on testing the technologies proposed for applying to the call: CE-BIOTEC-08-2020: New biotechnologies to remediate harmful contaminants (RIA) on 15th April 2020.

Some contacts have been made in China, in order to cover specific requirements of the call, and partners for collaboration are searched in this stage of the proposal.

The technology centre is looking for partners providing the following expertise:

Profile 1: Companies working on biotechnologies and bioremediation.

Profile 2: Experts on soil pollutants removal.

Profile 3: Dissemination and Business exploitation expertise.

Other collaboration could be also welcomed.

The call deadline is 15/04/2020 and the deadline for expressions of interest is 15/03/2020. The anticipated duration of the project is 4 years.

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought:
Companies working on biotechnologies and bioremediation.
Experts on soil pollutants removal.

- Specific area of activity of the partner:
Soil remediation.

- Task to be performed:
Evaluation of technologies efficiency.

- EU / International project experience:
Not compulsory but it will be well valued.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests