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LC-GV-04-2019: A French SME looking for trucks and passenger cars manufacturers to develop a combustion engine based on heat recovery technology reducing energy consumption

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: RDFR20170831001
Publication Date: 31 August 2017


A high-performance French SME operates in the sector of intelligent energy applied to automotive, transport and logistics. In response to the H2020 "LC-GV-04-2019: Low-emissions propulsion for long-distance trucks and coaches" the coordinator of the project is seeking partners to integrate a heat to power recovery technology reducing energy consumption on an vehicle through a research cooperation agreement. Partners sought are trucks and passenger cars manufacturers.


The global shift to low-carbon economy has started and its pace is accelerating through the European strategy for low-emission mobility. The low-emission mobility strategy aims at increasing the transport system efficiency, boosting the development of low-emission alternative energy for transport and moving towards zero-emission vehicles. For this purpose, improvements related to the internal combustion engine will be needed to accelerate the energy transition in Europe. 

The topic of long-distance transport is highly important as it is one of the most consumer of energy and contributor to CO2 emissions. The main challenge and objective to be addressed by LC-GV-04-2019: Low-emissions propulsion for long-distance trucks and coaches call forthcoming is to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions in Europe.

As a response to the LC-GV-04-2019: Low-emissions propulsion for long-distance trucks and coaches call, the French coordinator of the project has developed a very innovative integrated waste heat recovery system based on an Organic Ranking Cycle. The SME is proposing this solution to vehicles that would integrate the innovative technology. The objective of such a project is to boost the energy transition towards low-emission vehicles by proposing an innovation reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

As being active in the sectors of intelligent energy, automotive, transport and logistics, the SME has already proved its expertise and skills in many technical fields as follows :
▶ Demotruck
▶ Engineering
▶ Test benches
▶ Industrialisation

Indeed the SME has already been funded by the European funding programme SME Instrument - Project Phase 2 for the H2020-SMEINST-2-2016-2017 call.

The SME with its technical expertise combined with its experience in the European H2020 programme constitutes a real asset and could bring added-value to the market in the light of the European strategy on energy and green transport. The innovation developed is a response to the low-carbon economy.

The French SME is looking for partners to integrate the waste heat recovery system in trucks or coaches, passenger cars or generator sets. Partners sought are SMEs, MNEs or other type of organisations with expertise in :
▶ Trucks Original Equipment Manufacturing
▶ Passenger cars Original Equipment Manufacturing
▶ Trucks Tier One manufacturing
▶ Passenger cars Tier One manufacturing

Timescale :

The deadline for Expressions of Interest is the 1st of February 2018.

Advantages and Innovations

Advantages : 
▶ Efficiency : The innovation is designed to reach the best efficiency/cost ratio.
▶ Validation : The innovation has been tested by 3 OEMs and 4 Tier Ones.

Innovations :
▶ Patented : The innovative heat recovery system is protected by 10 patents worldwide.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

Expertise of partners sought : 
▶ Trucks original equipment manufacturer
▶ Passenger cars original equipment manufacturer
▶ Trucks tier one manufacturing
▶ Passenger cars tier one manufacturing
▶ Coaches original equipment manufacturer

Role of partners :
▶ Integrating the innovative technology developed
▶ Marketing

Cooperation offer is closed for requests