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H2020 - Eurostars: Request for a medical device company specialized in biological glue for an Apex closing system for this innovative medical device in mini-invasive cardiac surgery (direct annuloplasty, mitral repair)

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: RDFR20180531001
Publication Date: 7 June 2018


The Coordinator is a French SME launching a Eurostars project to achieve the pre-clinical validation of a new device in mini-invasive cardiac surgery for the repair of the mitral valve by direct annuloplasty and transapical approach (apex of the heart). 
The coordinator has developed the mini-invasive device and is looking for a collaboration with an industrial company or a research institution to work on the adaptation of the delivery system for this innovative medical device.


The device, which will be pre-clinically validated in the Eurostars project will enable the surgeon to repair the mitral valve using a new approach procedure, the transapical approach. This approach will allow the surgeon to access the heart directly, thus halving the operating time (at least).
Moreover, as the distance to the valve is reduced and access is made easier, the accuracy of the gesture is drastically improved.

From a technical perspective, the new device will deliver a textile ring (through a system of “support against support” above and under the mitral ring) anchored with nitinol sutures on the native mitral ring.
A partner is searched for to design, develop and test biological glue for Apex plugging system components for this device. The potential partner can be either a (academic) research centre
or a company working on biomaterials in relation with surgery.

The French SME will submit a Eurostars project for the deadline of the 13th of September. The project is planned to last 26 months.
The EoI deadline is the 13th of July 2018.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

Technical specification or expertise sought :
The industrial partner should show a seasoned expertise in catheterization and instrumentation systems for mini-invasive surgery
The partner should be both a development and commercial company, specialist of catherization and/or pluging system (Class III medical device).
The partner should be an SME based in a Eurostars country (not in France)

Type and role of partner sought:
The partner should participate to the specifications of specific delivery system, with the best features to adapt the new surgical device (introducer/trocar).
It would define the main achievable performance goals and put test plan/procedures in place;
It would take the lead on the work package dedicated to the development and the validation of the delivery systems components then work on their integration with the core device together with the Coordinator.

Type and size of partner sought :
The size of the SME partner is secondary. What matters is the expertise and the capability of the SME to move fast and commit to the project.
Perspectives of collaboration post-project are foreseen and will be discussed with the Project Coordinator
The partner could also be a university or R&D Institution working on heart surgery and biomaterials

Dissemination Countries

Germany, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Norway

Cooperation offer is closed for requests