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Horizon 2020 FNR-11-2020: Creating a sustainable source of innovative bioactive compounds via lichen microbiome

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: RDFR20191129001
Publication Date: 2 December 2019


A French university is looking for industrial partners to complete an international consortium responding to the H2020 FNR-11-2020 call. The proposal deals with the exploration of lichen and aims at developing a sustainable and renewable source of original bioactive molecules. The exploration of associated microorganisms and their biosynthetic potential will identify new bioactive compounds. The sought partners shall test and validate the latter in a realistic environment in a research agreement


Earth's biodiversity still conceals a tremendous number of undiscovered sources of natural bioactive molecules and compounds. The latter offer unmatched chemical diversity and structural complexity, together with biological potency and selectivity. These particular properties represent a powerful potential for application in various industries.
Therefore 10 partners (academies and laboratories), under the coordination of a French university, from 7 European countries have teamed up in an international consortium to respond to the Horizon 2020 FNR-11-2020 call "Prospecting aquatic and terrestrial natural biological resources for biologically active compounds".

The consortium's proposal is based on the exploration of lichen-associated microbiomes and the activation of their cryptic gene cluster through microbial-microbial and microbial-photobiont interactions as well as genetic engineering as renewable source of original metabolites. The collaboration with anti-microbial and conservative screeners and industrial partners will lead to the production and the economic valorisation of identified compounds e.g. via fungal or bacterial extracts.

To complete the consortium, the French university is looking for industrial partners, such as small and medium-sized entreprises (SMEs), BioTechs or multinational enterprises (MNEs), coming from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or pesticide/crop sector. These partners shall test and validate this sustainable and renewable source of original bacterial compounds in a realistic environment in the above-mentioned sectors. Furthermore they shall be able to contribute to a large-scale production of these compounds, their formulation and their commercialisation. The framewok of this collaboration is a research cooperation agreement.

The call (1st stage) is open until January 22nd 2020
This partner research is open for receiving expressions of interest until January 15th 2020.

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Requested partner

The sought industrial partners (SMEs and MNEs) shall complete a consortium of 10 research and development partners and act in an end-user approach. Consequently, they shall  bring in this project an economic and commercial vision and shall be implied in the large scale production of microorganisms and their metabolites, the development, the formulation and the commercialisation of the proposal's outcomes according to specifications of the life-cycle assessment methodology. 
The partners shall come from the following sectors:
- cosmetics
- pesticides/crop protection
- pharmaceutics
The proposal will dedicate a special work package 5 to the industrials.
All eligible Horizon 2020 countries are admitted.

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