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Croatian partners are looking for a coordinator to submit H2020 proposal on renewable energy and energy efficiency topic

Country of Origin: Croatia
Reference Number: RDHR20200617001
Publication Date: 18 June 2020


Croatian company and energy institute engaged on sustainable energy project proposal drafting are looking for a coordinator to submit H2020 Energy Efficiency call. 
They have experience in strategic planning and implementation of new energy saving solutions to end users and looking for a partner among universities and SMEs with experience in developing energy strategies, expert documents or implementation of pilot activities. Sought partner should be experience in EU project coordination.


Croatian company engaged in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency has been implementing projects for 10 years including restoration of public buildings, preparing project documentation for energy restoration, managing projects, and implementing EU projects. Also they have experience in implementing energy projects related to exploring potentials bor biomass usage. 
The other partner is Croatian energy institute which response to demands of the national energy system.The Institute cooperates with the state, regional and local administrations, energy subjects, private entrepreneurs, scientific, educational and professional institutions in Croatia, in the region and the EU on the development of long-term sustainable energy solutions.
The role of the Institute in the project is:
- research and assessment of energy capacity of individual renewable energy sources,
- measuring available resources, research and assessment of energy potential of renewable energy sources,
- creating a regional energy development strategies and regional action plans
- development a basis for strategic planning for the development of companies in the energy sector

They are looking for a coordinator to submit project proposal to call HORIZON 2020 safe and clean energy - National roundtables to implement the Smart Finance for Smart Buildings initiative (B4E-12)
The aim of proposed initiative for project is to increase energy efficiency state at EU level and locally, deliver studies or pilot projects in the field of energy efficiency by stimulating energy savings in buildings, energy efficiency projects and raising awareness trough energy utilization projects.
Related to their previous experience in EU projects, the company's role would be implementing pilot activities in the field of energy efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) including set up the national round-tables focused on energy efficiency investment. They would be responsible for gathering the relevant stakeholders to discussion, including but not limited to government, local and regional authorities, financial sector, ESCOs, homeowners, industry sector, construction sector and SME sector. In this activity they would motivate SMEs, clusters and regional authorities to participate in analyzing the possibility to upscale existing best practices from the national and European level, then to develop strategies, roadmaps and action plans, propose improvements in the national policy frameworks and measures, and follow their implementation, develop jointly template documents and contracts leading to a better functioning of the market.

They are looking for a partner - university, research institution, SME - involved in energy projects and have experience in implementation and coordination of EU projects.
The potential partners should have experience in project implementation in the field of renewable and energy efficiency in EU countries.

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Requested partner

Looking for a project coordinator.
Type of partners - Universities, SMEs, energy institutes or other organisations with experience in energy efficiency projects.
Specific area of activities are researchers or institutions with departments related to energy projects energy efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES).
Tasks in project would be composing energy strategies or expert documents, implementation of pilot activities.
The partner should have experience in implementation and coordination of EU projects.

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