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[EUREKA/Eurostar2] Partners to be sought for collaboration on development of NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)-based Genome Data Processing Hybrid Cloud

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: RDKR20180830001
Publication Date: 26 November 2018


A Korean company provides Hybrid Genomics Cloud, which is the optimal cloud computing environment for genomics service. The technology allows to create and run various genome analysis pipelines. It also contains distributed storage, which stores a large amount of genetic data efficiently. Under Eureka/Eurostar2, the company would innovate the existing technology for more applicable on genomic analysis platform with partners, such as genomic researchers or analysts.


South Korea-based software company established in 2017 has possessed the technology of architecture design and related system of a distributed processing system for large-scale data based on computational biology or bioinformatics.

The company wants to collaborate with partners to innovate their genetic analysis platform that has never been found anywhere in the world. EUREKA / Eurostar2 will lead their platform to have more updated functions, such as listed below.

1) Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) distributed clustering technology for high capacity of genetic data
2) Lightweight container-based Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) genome analysis pipeline technology
3) Multicloud-based NGS genome analysis platform technology
4) Distributed graph database technology for storage and additional analysis of high-capacity genomic data

By submitting the proposal of Eureka/Eurostar2, the four specifications listed above should be developed on the existing genomic analysis with partners of genomic researchers or analysts under research cooperation agreement.

Finally, their goal is to run analysis in the most efficient and cost-effective manner using various clouds through their innovative software platform, thereby developing a platform to create a new added-value service by submitting the proposal of Eureka/Eurostar2 under research cooperation agreement.

Deadline for EOI: 14 Aug 2019
Deadline for Call: 14 Sep 2019
Project Duration: 104 weeks

Advantages and Innovations

	Has distributed processing architecture technology optimized for cloud environment.
 Provides scaling in/out of the optimized virtual node depending on the algorithm of each step of the genome analysis pipeline.
 Has system technology that provides high Fault Tolerant and high Availability for large-scale of genome analysis.
 Has Cloud Immutable Infrastructure technology to apply diverse and newly developed genome analysis pipeline immediately and without any barriers
 Not only can it be applied as an on-premise cloud in its own internal network, but also applicable to various public clouds such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft Azure, Naver N-cloud (Korea).
 Provides a shell script allowing to build pipelines tailored to your analysis.

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: Company (NGS, Geonics domain, cloud firm), Technical Experts (Bioinformatics), Research Institutes and University Research Institute, Clinical hospital
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Healthcare, NGS
- Task to be performed: Partners should be involved in research institute of bioinformatics or genome clinical research, and they should perform NGS genomic analysis and intend to collaborate on development of hybrid cloud system for the analysis under research cooperation agreement.

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