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Urgent! Partner/subcontractor sought for viability assessment project in 3rd countries: Very high-resolution small size surveillance camera with optical communication link for unmanned aerial vehicles

Country of Origin: Latvia
Reference Number: RDLV20200318001
Publication Date: 18 March 2020


INNOWWIDE has announced a call for applications for Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) in international markets. SME from Latvia has developed a small size and weight optical system with very high-resolution broadband visible light / short wave infrared (VS/SWIR) camera for unmanned aerial vehicles. The company is searching for project partner from non-EU/associated country for research development agreement/subcontracting which would perform viability assessment of the developed system.


Observation systems on air platforms can produce a very large amount of information, but it is a challenge to send this data amount in real time and in a safe way to the base station. A particular weakness lies in the limiting communications capabilities between the mobile assets and control centre. Radio communication links in general are the bottleneck for efficient usage of the increasing observation systems’ capabilities. Without a high-speed secure data link airborne imagery data must be stored on board until landing or transmitted over vulnerable radio links and inherent data quality losses through data compression. A powerful communication capability between earth surface and aerial assets is the key for fulfilling the demands of situational awareness, early warning and reaction in e.g. reconnaissance and surveillance missions.
The SME from Latvia has developed a small size and weight optical system for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) payload, including very high resolution broadband visible light/short wave infrared (VS/SWIR) camera, which “sees” clearly even through dense smoke and fog, what is impossible for observations in the visible range of the spectra. The system downloads these big size observation data in real time by laser optical data communication link with the flying platform.
The company is looking for partner in application for INNOWWIDE call for viability assessment in 3rd countries of the developed system. Partner should be from non-EU or associated country. The company offers research development/subcontracting agreement.
Details of the funding programme: https://innowwide.smartsimple.ie/files/467956/f117354/INNOWWIDE_Call_2_Text_FINAL.pdf
Deadline for applications to the call: 31.03.2020.
Deadline for EoI: 25.03.2020.
Project duration – 6 months.

Advantages and Innovations

The developed system provides increasing capabilities in many civilian sectors:
1. Maritime border, coastal and land border surveillance.
2. Police, anti-terrorist and law enforcement, anti-smuggling surveillance.
3. Search and rescue missions.
4. Coordinated perimeter security.

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Stage Of Development Comment

Present project is based on long term research. The company has finished work for building a proof-of-concept model. Major components and subsystems have been designed, parameter calculations have been performed and subsystems tested.

Requested partner

The type of partner sought: any organisation from non-EU or associated country.
The tasks to be performed by the partner sought: local market and technical feasibility study / viability assessment of the developed system.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests