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3D scan body parts partner needed for Eurostars project.

Country of Origin: Norway
Reference Number: RDNO20181218002
Publication Date: 2 January 2019


The Norwegian company needs a partner specialising in 3D scanning with knowledge of scanning body parts in order to jointly apply for Eurostars  grant, Cut off 11 on the 28th of February.

The vision of the company is to supply a complete cost effective, reliable and functional prosthetic arm to users to improve their quality of life.


3D scanning of the arm stump is a crucial first step to capture how the prosthesis must fit. The company is looking for a partner to apply for Eurostars  grant, Cut off 11 on the 28th of February, that has simple and inexpensive, yet high-quality 3D scan technology. 

The partner has to be worked on 3D scan technology to the masses delivering high accuracy 3D scans.

The partner has to have full control of the processing chain from imaging, "point clouds" and surface modelling.

The partner has to have expertise to tailor each part of the processing chain to specific requirements relevant for this application.

Requested partner

The company is seeking a partner to contribute to a successful project. The partner is an SME/industrial enterprise within the 3D scan area that may have worked with wearable devices fit to a body part.
The role is to take responsibility for 3D scan processes that meet the stringent requirements for a prosthetic arm (i.e. sleeve, socket).

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