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[Eurostars] Turkish company is looking for acoustic and pressure sensor manufacturer.

Country of Origin: Turkey
Reference Number: RDTR20191231001
Publication Date: 6 January 2020


Turkish software company is willing to find partners for Eurostars call. The aim of the project is to monitor pregnant woman and baby at home by real-time communication with healthcare centers and give rehabilitation to the pregnant woman during her pregnancy about all required subjects by mobile apps. There will be 3 partners, other partner is medicine faculty. Research cooperation agreement is sought.


Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM), also called cardiotocography (CTG), is when the baby's heart rate is monitored with an ultrasound machine while the mother's contractions are monitored with a pressure sensor (Alfirevic et al. 2017). 

Both of these sensors are linked to a recording machine, which shows a print-out or computer screen of the baby's heart rate and the mother's contractions shown together, often called EFM tracings. The monitor is assessing the baseline fetal heart rate and how it changes with contractions. It records any increases in the fetal heart rate (accelerations) and any decreases (decelerations), as well as the frequency and duration of the mother's uterine contractions (Smith et al. 2016).

An ultrasound transducer is strapped over the abdomen to pick up the baby's heartbeat. A second, pressure-sensitive gauge is strapped to the top of the abdomen to record the frequency and power of the pregnant women's contractions.

This Turkish company is willing to submit proposal for "Pregnancy Monitoring and Rehabilitation at Home" project under Eurostars call. Therefore it is looking for acoustic and pressure sensor manufacturer. Partner sought is expected to be involved in the research by menas of applying the research and development methodology to the prototype.

The other partner is medicine faculty and it is responsible for clinical validation.

Requested partner will be responsible for manufacturing the acoustic and pressure sensors that are suitable for pregnant woman care at home.

Deadline for EoI: 31/01/2020
Deadline for the call: 13/02/2020

Requested partner

The manufacturer of both sensors (acoustic and pressure) is sought by means of research cooperation agreement. Ideal partner is expected to develop the prototype.

The partner sought in this project is expected to manufacture an ultrasound transducer which is strapped over the abdomen to pick up the baby's heartbeat.

Type of Partnership Considered: Research cooperation agreement

Cooperation offer is closed for requests