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New Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Hybrid Collector

Country of Origin: Armenia
Reference Number: TOAM20160630001
Publication Date: 30 June 2016


An Armenian company specialized in design and development of cost effective solar energy systems has developed a  new type, high efficiency and cost effective solar Hybrid Photovoltaic  and Thermal module. It is generating both electric and thermal energies at the same time with increased efficiency up to 70%.
The company is looking for industrial or R&D partners for License agreement and /or Joint venture agreement or Financial agreement.


An Armenian company specialized in design and development of cost effective solar energy systems has developed a new type, highly efficient  and cost effective solar hybrid PVT system, generating both electric and thermal energies at the same time. The PVT system is a dual solar collector with two usable energy outputs by one collection system (two in one). The main existing technologies for use of solar radiation are the photovoltaic (PV) conversion of light directly into electricity, and the thermal conversion of solar rays into the heat. The PV effect is the physical phenomenon that converts sunlight to electricity and the thermal collectors are converting the solar radiation directly into heat. This heat can then be used for water or air heating for different needs.  
The main problem with solar energy is efficiently collecting this energy and cost effectively converting it into other useful forms. Existing solar energy systems are still expensive. The solar power is not an economically affordable reality to energy users.
The other problem is the decreased efficiency of PV modules at high working temperatures. It is well known, that in PV systems most of the absorbed solar radiation (about 80%) is not converted into electricity but contributes to increase the temperature of solar cells, then reducing the electrical efficiency of cells. This is the inherent drawback feature of solar cells - degradation in performance due to temperature. The efficiency of solar cells decreases about 0.5% for every 1 0C temperature rise. On a bright sunny day a PV panel will reach temperatures in excess of 100 0C. This can reduce the efficiency up to 40%.
To solve above mentioned problems the new type, high efficiency and cost effective hybrid PV and Thermal (PVT) module, generating both electric and thermal energies is proposed.

The offered PVT hybrid module combine the PV solar cells, which convert solar radiation into electricity, with the solar thermal collector, which captures remaining thermal energy and removes heat from the solar cell (two in one or dual solar collector solution). Thus, in proposed PVT module by cooling solar cells the electrical generation is increased and the waste heat is captured for utilization, thus maximizing the return from the available solar radiation.
Cooperation with partner engaged in the field of solar energy systems production by License agreement is sought. By creation of a contract agreement with partner the offered technology will be transferred and the partner will produce and sell the Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Collectors.
The creation of a Joint venture for organization of production and marketing of Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Collectors is planned as well.

Advantages and Innovations

In comparison with existing separate PV and Thermal systems the offered system has the  following advantages.
- Improved PV generation – up to 40% more electricity than an equivalent conventional PV system with same peak output;
- Lower installation cost than an equivalent performance system comprised of existing separate solar PV and solar Thermal systems;
-Less roof space required than equivalent system comprised of a separate solar PV and solar Thermal systems;
- Increased efficiency (about 70%) due to the generating both electric (15%) and thermal (55%) energies (two in one);
- Much lower cost when compared to separate solar PV and solar Thermal systems;
- Cost – effective manufacturing;
- Shorter Return On Investment (ROI) than standard systems, due to higher electrical yield and offset heating costs;
- Maximum electric and thermal energies from the sun with minimum cost.

In comparison with existing Hybrid PVT modules the offered technology has following advantages:
- Low prime cost due to the using of unified production sequence and new materials;
- Increased solar cell efficiency due to using of new encapsulation film material with wide spectral transparency;
- Increased module efficiency due to the application of improved layout of solar cells with low resistivity loses.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Industrial partners engaged in production of solar energy photovoltaic and/or thermal systems are sought for License agreement or Joint venture for the production and marketing of proposed technology.

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