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Entirely plastic solar water heating collectors

Country of Origin: Armenia
Reference Number: TOAM20160707001
Publication Date: 7 July 2016


An Armenian company engaged in designing and fabrication of solar energy systems has developed efficient and cheap entirely plastic solar collectors for water heating, which are currently a lab prototype. Partners are sought for improving and finalizing the product for further commercial use/manufacturing. The company is looking for joint venture, technical or research cooperation, or manufacturing agreement.


The company has many years experience in the field of designing and fabrication of solar systems and offers inexpensive entirely plastic solar collectors. 
The solar collectors available on the market today are expensive which is a serious barrier for their wide use. Armenia is the country with many sunny days. But the preliminary analysis shows the market for solar water heaters in Armenia is practically free and under developed. This is true for other developing countries with low income and there is a great demand in solar water/air heaters.
The equipment and facilities for manufacturing the collectors developed by the company are easy and cheap. These collectors are mostly demanded for water heating in cottages, hotels, swimming pools, in tourist trips, in emergency situations, in execution of construction and mining works, everywhere rapid deployment of hot water source is needed. They are cheap enough in comparison with commercial solar metallic flat plate or evacuated tube collectors which cost about €500 for 1 m2. The price of developed plastic collectors is about €50 for 1 m2. Although their efficiency is 10% lesser than mentioned common collectors, other advantages make them not only competitive but open the special niche.
The durability of new collectors depends on quality of used materials and can last for about 2 – 5 years.
The company seeks for partners who would help to finalize the development of the technology up to commercial prototype under Technical cooperation agreement or Joint venture agreement and/or Research cooperation agreement to study the properties and efficiency of the collector.
The company seeks also for partners who would help with the finalization of the technology and set up large scale manufacturing of the product under manufacturing agreement.



Advantages and Innovations

The collectors are fabricated from widespread plastic materials. The advantages of plastic collector are: inexpensive price, lightness, easy assembling and installing in any area, low maintenance, flexibility and transportability.  There is а specific know-how in the structure of collectors and connecting elements, which facilitates the manufacturing process and assembling.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

The prototype of entirely plastic collectors has been elaborated under grant received by the company due to successful  application to INNOVATION VOUCHER COMPETITION announced  in the framework of the EU FP7 ener2i (Energy to Innovation ) Project.

Requested partner

Universities/academia, research centres, laboratories willing to cooperate in R&D activities for further development of the new type of collectors.
Industrial partners for acquisition of equipment and materials for large scale production of plastic collectors.
End users able to test plastic collectors ( installation, demonstration and use of the plastic collectors).

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