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Composite manganese oxide/ graphene oxide (MnO2-GO) reactive sorbent for a rapid destruction of toxic organophosphates

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Reference Number: TOCZ20160721001
Publication Date: 8 August 2016


A Czech research institute has developed a new composite material capable to adsorb a wide range of organic contaminants and to decompose some highly toxic compounds, such as organophosphate pesticides or chemical warfare agents (soman and agent nerve gases) and convert them to less-toxic compounds. Product innovation is based on its ability to degrade organophosphates very fast with high degradation recovery. The institute seeks industrial partner for scaling-up, production and distribution.


A research institute has developed a new composite material consisting of manganese oxide and graphene oxide. The composite material is applicable as so called reactive sorbent capable to destroy quickly the wide range of toxic organophosphate compounds including organophosphate pesticides and some chemical warfare agents (soman, agent nerve gases). Its efficiency was verified by special developed procedure for testing the degradation of above-mentioned substances. The most innovative aspect of product is its ability to degrade mentioned substances very quickly with high degradation recovery The product technology can be applied to decontaminate the contaminated surfaces – devices, accessories etc. The technology is available in the laboratory scale now. The institute offers license agreement to chemical manufacturer for scaling-up, production and distribution.

Advantages and Innovations

The product shows ability to decompose organophosphates:
- very fast
- safely
- with high degradation recovery

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

The product technology is available in the laboratory scale now

Requested partner

The institute is looking for industrial partner with chemical background such as manufacturer of sorbents for scaling-up, production and distribution of this material

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