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A Czech company is offering a licence for manufacturing of a novel, highly efficient, magnet-free synchronous reluctance electric motor

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Reference Number: TOCZ20170207001
Publication Date: 13 March 2017


A Czech company has developed a novel model of synchronous reluctance magnet-free electric motor (SynRM) with high efficiency over 90%.  It is the motor IE5 (international efficiency type according to Motor Efficiency Class). The company is looking for a manufacturer of electric motors interested to licence the innovation, manufacture it and also launch it onto the markets. Licence agreement is expected.


More than 60% of electric energy in industry is consumed by induction motors. The efficiency of the induction motors is low due to high rotor losses. Therefore a Czech engineering company with a large experience in designing various kinds of electric motors has developed efficient magnet-free synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) whose efficiency significantly exceeds efficiency of induction motors as well as of other electric motors, not only at rated condition but also in wide range of the load. 
The very high efficiency overcoming 90% is reached because of the novel type of rotor that lacks magnets. The solution allows development of a new type of motor that utilizes housing of ordinary induction motors. This leads to interesting reductions in production costs together with absence of magnets and squirrel cage. The novel motor fulfils IE5 class criteria.
The motor has been tested with interesting results, please see the graph.
The magnet-free synchronous reluctance motors can replace induction motors or synchronous motors with rare-earth magnets and can be applied in variable speed applications like pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, elevator, extruders, mixers, electric vehicle, forklifts and industrial trucks and other typical applications.
The company disposes of its own R&D department where amendments to current solution can be made, according to partner┬┤s requirements.
The company is seeking a leading motor producer, interested in purchasing a license based on licensing agreement. The partner sought is expected to manufacture the motor and bring it on the market.


Advantages and Innovations

- Motor efficiency surpasses 90% while IE4 class motors reach up to 80%. The very high efficiency is reached not only at rated condition but also at underloading (please see the picture)
- The motor reduces energy losses, in comparison to IE4 motors, by 20%
- Cheaper production of the motor because the novel motor lacks magnets and squirrel cage so it is also lighter. In addition, the novel motor can be installed in housing of ordinary induction motor
- The motor has much higher power-to-weight ratio compared to other motors of this type
- An interested partner can utilize R&D department of the company for potential amendments

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

The company is looking for a leading manufacturer of electric motors that wishes to extend its product portfolio with a highly efficient novel type of motor. The solution is available on the basis of licence agreement. A partner is also expected to launch the novel motor onto the markets.

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