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A Czech SME offers a balance chair for a License agreement

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Reference Number: TOCZ20201215001
Publication Date: 15 December 2020


A Czech SME has developed and introduced to the market a balanced chair, which allows natural movement of the body in all directions, is suitable for all-day-long sitting in the office or home-office, straightens the back and prevents stiffness of the cervical spine. The company is looking for a License agreement.


The balance chair is an important measure that can lead to a reduction in long-term health problems for people with protracted problems in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine and also helps eliminate chronic symptoms associated with these problems, such as various muscle pain and discomfort, which can be caused by these long-term difficulties.

The balance chair is intended primarily for users who are forced to sit for a long time, whether at work or during some other activity.

The Czech SME has developed and successfully introduced to the market the balance chair with a seat that is fully movable in all directions. Therefore, it is possible to adjust the position of the user’s body not only according to the user's subjective feelings, but also so that all deep back muscles are involved in these movements.

At the same time, all abdominal muscles are involved when sitting on this balance chair, including the deep abdominal muscles, the long-term strengthening of which leads to improved statics of the entire spine. This helps to eliminate the unwanted painful muscle symptoms associated with incorrect posture.

In addition, the offered balance chair enables the so-called dynamic way of sitting, during which all paravertebral muscles are permanently activated. This differs significantly from passive sitting on competing chairs, where there is a disorder of the statics of the spine and a general weakening of both the paravertebral muscles and the abdominal muscles.

Another advantage is the shortened backrest, which allows permanent active engagement of the broad back muscle and the two main shoulder muscles during the session, which forces the body to stay upright.

The offered balance chair can be recommended as a preventive aid for all those who suffer from long-term back pain and those who have a sedentary job. There is a medical study from the Czech university and certification tests results available upon request.

The cooperation type sought is a License agreement.
The partner interested in a license agreement will be provided with all the information necessary to manufacture the balance chair and start their own production. The agreement will be based on an upfront payment and a license fee based on the number of pieces sold. Possible sale of the whole project based on a License agreement is also an option.





Advantages and Innovations

The balance chair:
- allows natural movement of the body in all directions
- is suitable for all-day-long sitting in the office or home-office
- straightens the back
- prevents stiffness of the cervical spine
- helps prevent headaches and lumbar spine
- improves overall body posture
- strengthens the body abdominal and back muscles
- is an important preventive measure against long-term health problems.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The partner sought is industry.

The company is looking for medical and / or health-furniture companies. The partnership sought is a License agreement.

The subject of such License agreement from the Czech SME will be all documentation how to manufacture the balance chair, technical drawings and all specifications necessary to start a production based on the License agreement. The partner sought is expected to pay an upfront payment and then a license-fee based on sold pieces.
Another cooperation option might be a sale of the whole project also based on a License Agreement.

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