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Trade-facilitating omni-channel IT platform for brands and retailers in fashion is looking for IT partners already established in these markets

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20170721002
Publication Date: 21 July 2017


A German start up with know-how in designer fashion and e-commerce technologies offers their omni-channel white label web shop for all aspects of e-commerce operation to local retailers to support fashion sales through both web shop and local store. The company is looking for IT firms already established in the fashion market for further development of the technology under technical cooperation agreement or joint venture agreements. Target countries are in particular France, Italy, Spain and UK.


The German company offers an omni-channel solution to retailers and brands in the fashion segment. The solution contains a cross-channel approach which links offline needs (e.g. touch and feel of their objects) of clients who shop mainly online as well as online needs (e.g. price check via internet) of clients who shop mainly offline. The technology records every step of information procurement and purchase decision of the client whereby the individual client will be accompanied during the whole selection and settlement process.
By connecting the cash register system of the physical shop with the web shop, the retailers have two channels for selling their items. Therefore, the specific portfolio offer lies in the development of a website (own photo technology included) and an active web shop for retailers. Thus, local retailers have the possibility to directly link their physical store with an omni-channel white label web shop which allows them to focus on their local consumers whilst still providing their products to a wider audience. Besides, the retailers have the possibility to show their items on the company's own web platform where it has 80,000 visitors per month. By connecting the stock from the brands to the stocks of the physical shop, the probability that retailers become out of stock decreases noticeably.
Apart from the indicated target group, the company offers SaaS full service solutions for airports, train stations, shopping malls, city centres and warehouse chains where the potential of omni-channel technology is still unexplored and impressive by its sheer dimension of opportunity.
The company wants to expand their business model into further foreign markets. Within a technical cooperation agreement the company wants to investigate their technology with the help of IT companies which already offer e-commerce solutions in Europe, in particular in the above mentioned target countries. To that effect, also a joint venture agreement for creating a new company to build up new synergies from the comprehensive know-how of the partners would be a suitable cooperation model.

Advantages and Innovations

The potential partner should already be established within the fashion market and should have a high expertise in IT systems, in particular e-commerce solutions. Thereby, it should be possible to exchange know-how and ideas which result in synergy effects which can help to strengthen the competitiveness of the technology and the business model. 

Until now the omni-channel solution guarantees:
- Traffic and conversion online and offline boost
- Extension of the full price season
- Lower end of season stocks
- Higher margins, fewer discounts
- Full product life-cycle management
- Big data predictive match buying-selling
- Full digitization in value chain with interlinks of stock data
- Customer journey transparency and customer loyalty increase

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Type of partner sought: partners in the IT e-commerce services.

Area of activity: potential partners should already be established within the fashion market and have experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) technologies.

Task to be performed: For expanding the business model into further foreign markets, the partner should support in the further development of the technology.

Benefit for the potential Partner: The company will be willing to react immediately on specific wishes and still try to consider individual adaptations. There will be immediate availability scalable business model with potential to add substantial shareholders value on short term.

Dissemination Countries

Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom

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