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Technology for self-sufficient heat storage offered - licence and investment partners are sought

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20171002001
Publication Date: 2 February 2018


A SME from Germany with focus on product development and R&D initiatives developed a new heat storage system. The system is able to store heat and to deliver it at any other moment. The system has a 3, 8 higher heat storage rate than traditional water storage systems. The company is searching for partners that are interested in a license or a financial agreement.


The German SME was found in 1995 and supported over 20 different companies realizing their projects, e.g. in basic research, plausibility check, development of technology and technical regulation. In 2007 the company started to realize an own project in the field of energy markets. 
The energy market has four key fields: Production, delivery, storage, and consumption. A focus was given to energy storage and a new technology was developed. The heat storage impact of the new product is 3, 8 higher than of traditional water heat storage systems.
Two third of the absorbed and stored energy is latent energy and usable without any time restrictions. One third of the energy is sensible energy with time restrictions. The new technology is relevant for private housings, public authorities and commercial facilities.

The operating principle of the storage system: Using the heat storage system developed, it is possible to capture any thermal energy that arises and to store the bulk of it (up to two-thirds) as “latent thermal energy” indefinitely without losses. This energy can be released in appropriate quantities and then used as needed. The rest of the captured thermal energy is stored conventionally as “sensible”, i. e. perceptible heat. This storage is lossy, and therefore temporary. Two effects are harnessed for the lossless storage of latent heat. One is the transition of the storage medium from the solid to the liquid phase at approximately 58°C, the other is the ability of this medium under certain conditions to remain in the liquid phase as a “supercooled molten salt”, even after subsequent cooling.

The company from Germany is now looking for new partners that are interested in a license or a financial Agreement. Partners for a licence agreement will be supported in the development of an own production facility. There will be a quality audit scheme in order to make the technology manageable and to enable the new partner to realize an efficient production process. Partners interested in a financial agreement will be able to rollout the technology transfer for the country of the contract.

Advantages and Innovations

- Higher efficiency of heat storage system than traditional water storage systems
- Flexible combination of energy delivery systems, e.g. solar, biomass, etc.
- Cost savings for consumers due to usage of renewable energies

Stage Of Development

Project already started

Stage Of Development Comment

The device is already field tested and evaluated. A first serial production line for the market in Germany is set up now (beginning of 2018).

Requested partner

Type: Industry / investor
Activity: Metal production and engineering
Role: Set up of production line, production, distribution of energy storage system, and delivery of maintaining services

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