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New solution offered for welding, heating or bending plastic parts such as hoses and tubes

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20180411001
Publication Date: 9 May 2018


German company has developed a high-frequency generator with a matching network that can be used for welding plastic parts like hoses, lids or bags in a fast way. This innovative technology is characterized by being able to heat the plastic parts without heating its content. A manufacturer of relevant plants, equipment and devices is sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.


The German company is active in the field of high-frequency power electronics. It manufactures amplifiers, generators and matching networks. 

Over the past years, the company has developed a high-frequency generator with a matching network that can be used for welding, heating and bending materials that have a sufficiently high dielectric loss factor like PCV, PA or PET. Therefore, this solution is able to treat plastic parts like hoses, lids or bags.

The product is already on the market and has been certified as part of a process to manufacture medical products of one of the companies' clients.

The speed of the welding process is very high. It takes just one second for 6 mm of tube, hose or other parts. In contrast to other solutions, only the plastic part, i.e. the hose or tube but not its content will be heated during the welding, heating or bending process. For this reason, the technology can be used in different application areas, such as in the food industry as well as in the pharmaceutical or medical sector.

Industrial partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Potential partners could be manufacturers for the food, packaging, medical and pharmaceutical industry with an interest to implement the technology in their processes and equipment.

Advantages and Innovations

The innovation that differentiates this technologies from currently available solutions lies in the fact that the technology enables only to heat the hose or tube during the process while not affecting the contents. Thus it is suitable for many applications.

Further advantages of the high-frequency generator with a matching network are:
• Treatment of different materials like PCV, PA or PET is possible
• Higher speed of welding, heating, bending: one second per 6 mm plastic part

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Commercial agreementswith technical assistance are sought. 

Companies are sought that are interested in integrating this technical solution in equipment or devices that can be used in the food, medical or pharmaceutical sector. This could be, for example, be a plant manufacturer who would like to produce more advanced machinery for welding hoses or tubes. The German company will help to adjust or adapt the technology in the devices or equipment of the cooperation partner. All relevant know-how will be transferred.

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