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German start-up company is looking for investment and technical cooperation for further developing and marketing its innovative infrared-laser scanner.

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20181024001
Publication Date: 25 October 2018


A German start-up company intends to further develop a patented high speed scanning process based on an infrared laser for the detection of near surface substances. Even very small amounts of the target-substance can be visualized and quantified. There are many areas of application, e.g. visualisation of fingerprints in forensics, substances detection for quality control in industrial processes or cleaning check in a medical environment. Financial and technical cooperation agreements are sought.


The German start-up company was founded in 2015 and is led by a specialist in optical measurements and system integration, who has more than 15 years of industrial management experience and good knowledge of the forensic technology market. The team members are active in research, business development and marketing.
The innovative high-speed scanning process is based on an infrared laser for the qualitative detection of near-surface substances. The applied procedure is nearly independent of the analysed substance. This non-destructive and non-contact test equipment can be used in various industrial areas. By adapting the optics and the laser, the system can be adjusted to different substrates and materials. The optical system is connected to a digital unit and applies a software for real-time processing and displaying measurement data.

Potential areas of application:

1) Visualisation of Fingerprints
When examining a crime scene today, forensic experts first have to find fingerprints, before making them visible with chemicals and digitally preserving and processing them. The company will combine all these steps in one rapid and quality proof step. Instead of up to 36 hours, fingerprints can be visualized in less than 60 seconds. Traces that go unnoticed today, can be found.

2) Substances detection
The process can be used in various industrial areas. By adapting the optics and the laser, the system can be adjusted to different substrates and materials. Both a laboratory and an in-line version are possible to carry out quality controls and to incorporate the facts gained in the ongoing production.

3) Cleaning check
Currently there are no procedures or devices available that can provide real-time information about the cleaning quality of critical areas, like operation rooms or intensive care units. Existing direct contact tests have incubation times over 24h before a disinfection statement can be made, but they are not usable for a daily 100% inspection. The system enables a comprehensive inspection of contaminated surfaces with immediate results.

The company is looking for partners interested in using or marketing the technology and ready for investment provision within financial agreements. Technical cooperation agreement would be also possible in order to jointly develop the technology to a marketable product with private financing, corporate or public funding.

Advantages and Innovations

•	Invisible substances or materials for humans can be made 
• By using a laser system, the process works independently of
the existing surface and substrate.
• No danger to the eyes or skin of the user.
• Real-time recording in three dimensions with scanning
frequency up to 1 MHz.
• No use of health-threatening chemicals or powders.
• Entire measurement is non-contact and non-destructive

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

A functional prototype is available for demonstrating the measurement process. It is ready for use in laboratory or pilot plant. The technology shall be further developed and adapted to individual customer requirements, e.g. further improved to a more manageable size for a field or outdoor application.

Requested partner

The ideal partners are specialists in the areas of forensics, industrial manufacturing / surface inspection, medical -, pharmaceutical-, food technology etc.. They should have an interest to apply the high-speed laser scanner for analytics, trace inspection, security technologies (chemical, biological), quality control in industrial manufacturing etc. The partner is ready to invest in the technology in order to enable development to a marketable product. Additional financing shall be mobilised by use of public funding within joint research and innovation projects.

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