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Highly sophisticated industrial optical quality control system

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20190404001
Publication Date: 4 April 2019


A German SME has developed an advanced and highly sophisticated optical quality control system for inline quality assurance in manufacturing of plastic, metal, glass and paper products, requiring surface analysis, print inspection, position control, measurement, and completeness check. The system enables to reduce pseudo-defects rejection to a minimum while ensuring the highest defect detection rate. Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.


With increasing speed of production processes and rising quality requirements automatic quality control has become one of the vital business strategies.
A German company responds to this and offers highly universal automated contactless visual control systems, extremely adaptable to specific customer needs.
The company has developed the universal software (including proprietary inspection methods) and can adapt the necessary top-class hardware components (cameras, lighting, industrial computer etc.) according to the customer applications.
Different inspection activities, such as, analysis of surface, print, completeness, position control and measurement can be combined. Up to 60 test objects per second can be inspected continuously.

Domains of application comprise the metal, plastic and paper packaging industry (plastic, paper or similar cups, aerosol cans, lids, bottle caps, canisters, holders and dispensers), engineering and automotive industry and metal processing (aluminium slugs, casting, stamping and sheet metal parts) and others. The production is optimised and expenses are reduced.

The company is looking for industrial partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance. Partners could be companies who produce machinery for feeding or separation of production items. The quality control system can be integrated easily into the production processes due to its versatility. Interesting partners would also be manufacturers of packaging items.
Technological know-how, adaptation and individual coaching are provided by the German company.

Advantages and Innovations

Innovative aspects:
Uniqueness of the technology
The technology is unique and offers faster and more reliable results than conventional solutions:
The proprietary software, based on inspection methods (imitating cognitive abilities, similar to humans) for quality control systems, is developed by the German company and exceptionally conceptualized: during one production cycle, the defects can be inspected taking into account several different criteria. Not only size and contrast of defects will be detected, but many other defects characteristics.
Given this sophisticated technology, the main goal of image processing is reached:
Pseudo-defects rejection is reduced to a minimum while at the same time the highest defect detection rate is ensured.

• Extensive logging of statistical data and effective remote maintenance
• Clear, intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, in customer language
• Continuous (24/7) inspection of test item quality
• Timely notice of excessive defect quantity
• Optimization of production via the reduction of relevant expenses
• Price-performance ratio: The vast majority of image processing systems for automated quality control available on the market, are made of complex software libraries by combining and trimming them to customer needs, which increases the final production cost enormously. The developed system is a universal serial product, which is ready to accommodate specific customer needs due to its flexibility and innovative design, thus significantly lowering the cost of the quality control for the manufacturer. The system can thus be priced significantly below individually tailored systems.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type: (Industry, Research): Industrial partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance
Area of activity of partner: Partners could be from the area of machine production, e.g. machinery for feeding or separation of production items or packaging industry
Tasks to be performed: Integrate the German company’s technology in their processes. The German company will assist in adapting and provide advice, know-how and coaching.

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