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Urban green monitoring combined with a citizen platform

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20200803001
Publication Date: 3 August 2020


A German company offers a new technology that will allow and encourage citizen involvement in urban green monitoring. An interactive website provides the health status quo of plants to interested citizens. The solution is based on physical modelling and data collection via sensor networks. Hardware partners are sought for technical cooperation and municipalities for commercial agreements with technical assistance.


Urban green is becoming increasingly important in a changing climate. At the same time the stress on plants increases due to water shortage and storm damages. Citizen involvement can help to keep plants healthy.

A young German company is specialized in digitalizing the water and environmental industry. They fill the gap between environmental sciences, engineering and artificial intelligence based software solutions. The company is developing solutions to reduce the effort required to maintain the urban greenery by involving active citizens. The company strives to provide information on water stress on urban trees and plants on an interactive website where citizens can get access to the health status of a specific tree of their individual personal concern. The information is gathered by applying smart data collections combined with water balance modelling. In addition citizens can contribute information on storm damages etc., which is valuable information for greenery management.

The basis is digital data recording and transmission. The German company has expertise in combining physical modelling, i.e. process understanding with data collected from smart, low-cost sensors. The sensor networks are easy to install and require only little maintenance.

The company is looking for hardware providers, i.e. manufacturers of sensors, for technical cooperation to further develop and implement the solution together. Furthermore public authorities and municipalities are sought to demonstrate the solution within commercial agreements with technical assistance, where the German company will provide the necessary know-how for installation and use.

Advantages and Innovations

There is no such solution available now that allows interactive support for the benefit of urban plants.

The company has a unique approch that combines in depth environmental know-how with IT expertise. This allows them to map more complex systems.

Stage Of Development

Under development/lab tested

Requested partner

Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance and for technical cooperation.
Companies producing hardware equipment, such as sensors, are sought for technical cooperation. They would be interested in teaming up to support the further development and implementation and integrate the solution in their sensor networks.

Municipalities, smart cities and public authorities interested in installing and offering such a platform to a community are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance. They would be demonstration partners. The German company would offer advice regarding the sensor installation, data collection and project implementation.

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