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Innovative human resource management SaaS for optimizing human resources in the digital era

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20201006001
Publication Date: 7 October 2020


A German SME has developed a software solution for the transformation of HR (Human Resource) activities for national or international companies with several plants. New process structures and the use of synergies will improve the performance and competences in HR considerably and assure uniform quality across all locations. The SME looks for a commercial agreement with technical assistance. Partner companies become owner of processes and data and can perform the transformation all by themselves.


The business world is changing rapidly. Companies have to keep pace with it, and they have to adapt accordingly. This also has a massive impact on HR work as it is hard to keep all the projects, people and places in mind because of increased complexity, data, and standards. 

The necessary resulting transformation of HR means alignment: a common direction for the entire HR of a company involving all its branches. If companies outsource this process which is common practise, they will lose valuable learning and information like best practices, synergies, proven concepts, mapped competencies and much more.

A German SME has therefore developed a software solution to increase the performance in the human resource area by process structuring and use of synergies. This solution gives companies a global overview to get facts for planning and steering their HR activities. Evaluation and quality assurance of HR processes are considerably facilitated and an effective cooperation and valuable exchange also between different branches is enabled and optimized.
The software allows companies to make a step-b-step transformation all by themselves and to become the owner of the process and data. It is aimed at companies with several plants, international or national and helps to independently establish effective HR structures and use internal resources to increase the professionalism and competence in HR as well as to ensure uniform and cross-location quality.

The SME is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The partner company actively accompanies the development and their feedback supports the SME in further product development. The company can then use the software for its own purposes and thus carry out their own HR transformation.

Advantages and Innovations

- SaaS with integrated requirements and checklist enables companies to make it easy to follow HR transformation by themselves. 
-companies take ownership of their transformation process and data
-companies will get a status quo by a structured inventory; they can match the corporate requirements to analyse the gap to make a step-by-step transformation.
-the software works with up-to-date data
-it acts very quickly and reduces duplication of work
-it gives an easy overview of the company’s HR-structure and allows faster co-ordination processes
-it allows risk management
-it is much cheaper then outsourcing the process

Overall, the software enables a structured implementation of an HR transformation.

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

Type of partner sought: 
Any company with multiple (international) HR branches
Specific area of activity of the partner: Any industry
Tasks to be performed by the partner sought:
The partner should get involved in the development of the software and give feedback to be able to modify the software solution in the most targeted way possible.

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