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German research institute is offering its expertise in developing new coatings for industrial use

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20210506001
Publication Date: 13 July 2021


A research institute from the southwest of Germany has developed a basis tool box for the development of new coatings for multifunctional protective wet chemical coatings and compact materials. The coatings can be used in bulk aplications as well as in additive manufacturing processes. They are looking for partners who are in need of assistance in the final development of a new product in the field of surface coating under a license or a joint venture agreement.


A renowned research institute in southwest of Germany unites multidisciplinary science and materials-oriented technology transfer: chemistry, physics, biology, materials science and engineering work together in close cooperation at a high level. A major focus of their work is the transfer of biological principles to the design of new materials, structures and surfaces.
One of its research departments, the Nanomer program division, is specialised in the development of novel polymer composite coating formulations and compact materials.
The main interest are corrosion protection and multifunctional protective coatings. A strong focus is put on application-oriented projects for materials used in industry. Functions of interest are heavy metal free corrosion protection optionally combined with other properties like: UV, temperature and weather stability, low friction performance for steel and high-strength alluminiom alloys and transparent self-healing surfaces. Fire-resistant binders as well as polymer composites for 3D-printing (Fused Filament Fabrication, SLA, Direct printing) are also part of the portfolio.
The projects are covering a broad range of industrial application fields in the areas of mechanical engineering, construction, automotive, optics, electronics, energy, medical and additive manufacturing.
The team was successfully leading or was involved in numerous European and industrial projects. They have broad competencies in design, preaparation and characterization of novel coatings. The institute is equipped in the state of the art scientific equipment that allows them to analyse the coating properties accordingly with European norms and standards. It has dedicated laboratories for coating synthesis, deposition, charachterizytion and evaluation as well as facilities and equipment required for up-scaling, process development, plant deveopment and quality assurance from the laboratory to the pilot phase.
They are looking for partners from the above mentioned branches under a joint venture or license agreement to provide a product with the necessary coating.

Advantages and Innovations

The nanomer team has developed a materials basis tool box that is able to perform materials optimization with regard to the requirements defined by industrial partners.
They can offer a custom-made material development using this tool box to develop new coatings for multifunctional protective wet chemical coatings and compact materials which can be used for bulk aplications as well as in additive manufacturing processes.
They have a R&D know-how and can propose coating development projects of nearly any duration and level of complexity. They are providing background IP by appropriate materials patent that can be licensed after succesful development.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

They are looking for companies that need novel coating solutions for items developed in-house or during a direct R&D projects.

They are also looking for companies, research institutions or universites for collaborative EU project applications.

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