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German manufacturer of micro algae and products is looking for partners under a research and/or technical cooperation agreement

Country of Origin: Germany
Reference Number: TODE20210712001
Publication Date: 12 July 2021


A German company, producing micro algae and preparations of different varieties, offers its cooperation in research and development topics under a research and/or technical cooperation agreement. The company is open for co-operating with higher education institutions, experienced companies, and/or start-ups, wanting to test new research results, devices, or implementations.


A German company, specialised and well-experienced in developing and manufacturing of micro algae and algae products, is open to establish a co-operation with research and development institutions as well as other companies (start-ups) with regards to topics of research and development in the field of algae and aquacultures. 
The algae are cultivated and grown in photobioreactors (total length approx. 500 km of glasstubes, divided among several plant systems) inside a greenhouse. A pilot fermenter is operated to produce micro algae under heterotrophic conditions. Nearly 30 tons of algae are produced within a year. They are then offered for sale as:
- algae culture solutions (from 250 ml to 32,000 l)
- concentrated fresh algae biomass (pre-portioned and frozen)
- algae powder
- algae tablets

The products are used in a vegetarian/ vegan/ healthy lifestyle, in alternative healing techniques, or as food/ feed supplements, or as raw material for the cosmetic industry.

As research institutions (higher education institutions) and/or start-ups in the field of algae research very often face challenges in implementing laboratory results into a production scale, those good results are seldom transferred into a marketable product.
In this way, the company is open to provide space for tests on a larger scale and for larger quantities. Additionally, the company is also open for tests of fermentation.

On the other handside, the company is also looking for new and innovative products, new technologies in the algae cultivation, new and efficient surveillance and measurement technology, and reasonable ways for reducing costs of wastewater, electricity, and gas consumption. Algae based solutions in scenarios for the future bioeconomy, circular economy or landless food production.

Advantages and Innovations

Basically, the company co-operates proactively with partners and customers. The company’s assets are the greenhouse, the app. 500 km long system of glass tubes and the cultivation method, which is unique, patented and sustainable. Due to this favourable equipment, the company is able to generate products in large amounts. Unlike other competitors, the German company has proven its profitability and has been on the market for several years.

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The company is looking for research institutions and/or companies (start-ups)

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