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A Spanish SME offers its expertise as ICT partner in designing and implementing Technology 4.0 solutions combining Cloud & Data Analytics

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20181212001
Publication Date: 17 January 2019


A Spanish SME offers its expertise in designing and implementing Industry 4.0 solutions combining Cloud-based IT architectures, software development, and Data Analytics approach. Its toolbox offers organizations the opportunity of extracting valuable knowledge from data, either by developing ad-hoc ICT platforms for data analysis or by integrating systems from different sources. Is looking to establish Joint venture agreements, Research cooperation agreements or Technical cooperation agreements.


Based in Madrid, Spain, the Spanish SME designs and implements Industry 4.0 solutions combining Cloud technologies and Data Analytics. 
Together with their clients (both End-Users & Research, Development and Innovation Centers), this SME develops a wide variety of projects requiring Technology 4.0 capabilities, especially those involving data analytics, system integration, and software development.
The objective of this Spanish SME is to be an ICT partner providing previously mentioned services through research cooperation agreements. The company is highly active in R & D & Innovation consortia, and it is interested in connecting with other industrial and academic partners to form project consortia for EU-funded RD projects (preferably for RIA, CSA or similar actions). It is currently beneficiary of a Horizon 2020 project, taking on the task of designing and implementing a data analytics platform in the Cloud for new industrial technologies validation.
Regarding product development, the company has been awarded in one of the most prestigious startups' contest in Europe for designing an AI-based product for the Primary Sector (beekeeping industry). It is open to establishing new joint venture agreements and technical cooperation agreements in this regard.
The SME counts on an attractive network including both SMEs and major industrial partners (construction, transport, and infrastructure, advanced materials, industrial automation) and Universities & Research Institutions (IoT, HPC, BioHealth, Smart Cities).

Advantages and Innovations

Cost reduction and operations that are more efficient. Big Data Analytics in the Cloud brings significant cost advantages when it comes to processing, storing, analyzing and visualizing large amounts of data from almost any source: sensors (Internet of Things), datasets, social media, etc.
Faster data processing. With the Cloud-based approach, businesses and research centers are able to process and analyze information immediately, even in real-time.
Better decision making: Artificial Intelligence-based techniques (Machine Learning and Deep Learning) are a form of data analysis that automates analytical model building. Using algorithms that continuously assess and learn from data, these techniques enable models to access hidden insights and to discover intricate patterns, something unreachable for humans. These amazing features give rise to interesting applications such as predictive analytics, pattern detection, system modeling, among others.
New products/services discovery. Since a large amount of these discoveries occur without programming systems explicitly looking for them, it is possible to take advantage of the Big Data Analytics ecosystem to discover new business and research opportunities.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type of partner sought: industrial partners, industrial end-users, the public and private sector, research centers, decision makers. 

Role of partner sought: partners will collaborate in the design process in order to reach an ad-hoc solution. Additionally, partners will use developed platforms to manage, analyze and visualize project data according to its specific needs.

Collaboration through research and/or technical cooperation agreements or joint venture agreements.

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