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Technology platform to perform pre-operative telematics assessments

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20201006001
Publication Date: 6 October 2020


A Spanish SME, active in the area of digital health, has developed a technology platform for preoperative evaluations by videoconference, between patients and physician anesthesiologists. This innovation provides solutions to the increase in surgical activity and the human resource deficit in anesthesiology. The SME is interested in the deployment of pilots via technical cooperation with health organizations, public administrations, health managers, health professionals and insurance companies.


There is a steady increase in the number of surgeries and interventional medical procedures. These patients must be Pre-anesthesia Checkup (PAC) previous to surgery, to assess individual risk and to try to reduce it. It is usually performed by
anesthesiologists; but they are limited, making it difficult for all necessary preevaluations to be done and worsening patient safety, increasing costs and increasing legal claims.The anesthesia consultation has very defined characteristics that allows the application of computerized tools to be more practical and usable than other medical consultations. These are scheduled consultations, there is no differential diagnosis, and
most patients don't need more physical examination than the airway.

In this context, a Spanish SME has developed a safe, comfortable and efficient telematics anesthesia consultation.
This cloud platform has been designed to assist scheduled preoperative evaluations and it is performed via videoconference in real-time, between patients and physician anesthesiologists.

This innovative solution facilitates the performance of all the necessary pre-anesthesia checkup, through a web application which combines high-quality videoconferencing to be able to explore the patient, a standardized protocol of evaluation, which applies for software the updated scientific recommendations and a secure doctor-patient communication channel for information exchange.

It provides solutions to the increase in surgical activity and the human resource deficit in Anesthesiology, known problems of current health system, which has also been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Spanish SME is interested in technical cooperation with health players (public and private) for testing and validation. The technology would be integrated in the IT health systems of the potential partner and implemented under real conditions.



Advantages and Innovations

- Make a preoperative quality assessment accessible to anyone who is going to have a procedure under anesthesia so it increases patient safety.
- It shows commitment to quality of care by the user.
- Adherence to evidence-based medicine.
- It decreases waiting lists, delays and operating rooms cancellations.

- This solution uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning to combine responses provided by patients and medical parameters. This will drive to a customized anesthesiology report with specific recommendations before surgery.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Health organizations, public administrations, health managers, health professionals, private health centers not belonging to large groups, large private hospital groups, individual doctors who schedule a procedure under anesthesia., insurance carriers and mutual insurance societies are sought for technical cooperation. 

The technology would be integrated in the IT health system according to their needs and its use monitored for testing and validation. Further partnerships would be considered depending on the results achieved.

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