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A Spanish company is offering an autopilots technology for unmanned air vehicles (UAV)

Country of Origin: Spain
Reference Number: TOES20210720001
Publication Date: 20 July 2021


A Spanish company founded in 2011 has developed an autopilot to be integrated by UAV manufacturers in their professional platforms and are offering to create for the client/investor a technology division under  license/financial agreement, allowing the client/investor to have access, but without exclusivity, to the company's technical intellectual property and  manufacturing/customising existing products to new needs and adjusting control gains and all software parameters.


It has been detected that there is currently a great interest in the use of UAV in various areas that involve cutting-edge technology. These UAVs, or more commonly called drones, have been used mostly in military applications. However; These systems have been used in agriculture and area mapping sectors: mines, construction works, wildlife tracking, infrastructure inspection, search and rescue, among others. In many of these applications it is necessary for the drone to carry out the tasks independently and autonomously, that is, there is no operator who is intervening in the work carried out by the aircraft. For this, the integration of an autopilot in the drone system is necessary.

A Spanish company which was founded in 2011 by two aeronautical engineers with the sole objective of developing the best possible autopilot to be integrated by UAV manufacturers in their professional platforms and for 10 years it accumulates all the aeronautical know how of a multitude of projects in its family of products developed by a multidisciplinary team of engineers and programmers.

During the years that the firm has been developing its activity, its hardware and software products have undergone an extraordinary evolution, not only in the global market, but also in the national market with more and more numerous applications both in the civil and military fields, and in both fixed-wing and rotary-wing.

The know how including hardware and software products are the results of the work carried out by a team of 8 engineers on average working for 10 years. It must appreciate the fact that in these 10 years there have been false steps and part of the effort has had to be invested in pure research. The final result has been excellent and what is valued here is the human work to arrive at the guarantee of success that the company offers right now to the licensor of the autopilot.

Achievements obtained:

• Fly in a fully automated way a fixed wing UAVs up to 4,000 Kg.
• Fly as OPV (With a human pilot on board) 500 Kg fixed wing UVAs
• Fly in a fully automated way rotary wing UAVs weighing up to 300 Kg
• Fly fully automated military UAVs and carry out their missions at a distance of
• 140 km from the base and at an altitude of 12,000 feet.
• Perform Missions of all kinds (Agriculture, Civil Works, Maintenance,
• Environment, Surveillance, Filming
• Integration in controlled airspace
• Integration of all types of payment charges
• Integration of all types of engines and ECUs (Electronic Control Unit)
• Development and validation of algorithms for navigation, automatic take-off and automatic landing.

It has installed its autopilot in 100% of the possible types of UAVs that currently exist on the market, with MTO (Maximum Take-off Weight) between 3 Kg and 4,000 Kg.

It is offered to create for the client/investor a technology division that has access to 100% of company’s technical intellectual property and that allows it to:

• Manufacture existing products. (Guaranteeing its availability in the future)
• Customize existing products to new needs
• Adjust control gains and all software parameters

This intellectual property is offered as a single license that allows the client/investor to have access to it but without exclusivity, that is, this license may be sold in the future to other clients/investors. To guarantee the success of the creation of said technological division, it is offered to entrust one of the founding partners, with the responsibility of creating it and counting with his services until the client/investor deems it appropriate.

Advantages and Innovations

The spanish technologies start with the autopilot (U-Pilot), which is the 'brain' of the UAV. In order to control the autopilot, the ground system is composed of the ground hardware (U-Ground), that provides the link to the autopilot, and the ground software(U-See), that allows the user to interact with the system.

Some differentiating aspects are the following:
• Easy configuration and use
• The FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) SoC (System on a chip) technology allows high system flexibility, rapid reconfiguration and field upgrades.
• Custom design adapted to the client requirement.
• 'Always flying' by design: A processors is running without executing blocking tasks and commanding the surfaces.
• Maps over the Internet.
• 26 servos and up to 8 RS-232 or 4 RS-485 serial ports capability
• The system could be adapted to control any payload on the UAV

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The Spanish company is seeking a technological partner from Aeronautical and unmanned aerial vehicle market, interested in creating a UAV technology division and license/financial agreements, which guarantee to commercial or investment partners the know-how of the UAV flight code from the autopilot to the simulator including the technical and intellectual property.

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