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French Technology Transfer Office proposes a new backpack design and patent for extreme outdoor professional or sports and leisure activities

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TOFR20171117002
Publication Date: 19 February 2018


The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of a research lab of a design school in the Paris region. This lab has designed a new shock-protection device to be used as a compact and modular backpack for extreme outdoor conditions. It is dedicated to professionals and non-professionals traveling, practicing outdoor activities, facing extreme climate and shock conditions. The French TTO is looking for partners interested by a license agreement or a technical cooperation.


The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of a research lab of a major industrial design school in the Paris region. This research lab has designed an innovative backpack which includes an extended shock-protection device, a modular internal architecture with easy-access parts dedicated to fragile equipments.

Two market challenges are encountered.

1- Professional equipment : backpack transportation of any expensive and fragile material needs a strong climatic and schock protection. This fragile material may be a camera or any device with sensors for diagnosis or control. professionals such as photographs, rescue and medical staff, outdoor industrial or building site maintenance staff, servicemen...may be concerned. A preliminary study showed a strong interest from camera users, which can be enlarged to other professionals using other fragile materials.

2- Sports and leisure equipment : this kind of backpack is also requested by sportsmen and consumers practicing outdoor activities (hiking, riding...) who want to keep their personal equipement safe on the way and easily reachable.

A research lab within an industrial design school from Paris region responds to these challenges and offers a solution with the following characteristics :
The solution is waterproof, compact, modular (with compartments) and easy to carry. It provides protection against impact and eases access to devices and equipment. It enhances the comfort during travels and stops because the rigid body can be used to support any digital object or to seat . It can be customized to adapt to all professional uses such as public and specialized media reporting, rescue and emergency medicine, industrial maintenance, scientific or military use...

The kind of partnership that is requested may be a license agreement or a technical cooperation agreement with companies operating in the professional or sports and leisure equipment markets.



Advantages and Innovations

On one hand, shock-protection bags are widely proposed with professional equipments. These bags can only be used with the specific equipment, wthout any additional space for other tools or material. They are mainly designed as handling bags or suitcases which are strictly unconvenient while walking or climbing with environmental constraints.
On the other hand, sports and leisure bagpacks are designed to contain equipment, clothes and food with no need for a strong shock-protection. Besides, the only parts with an easy and fast access are designed for small objects such as a can or a smartphone. There is no way to catch a medium -sized equipment while holding the backpack.

In order to face the above-mentioned recquirements, a solution has been designed and patented by a design school research lab in Paris region. The device can be used as a backpack with the following advantages :
- strong shock-protection of the whole content,
- waterproof,
- direct individual access to each modular part of the backpack
- structure and body designed to be used as a seat

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Stage Of Development Comment

Three functional prototypes have been designed.

Requested partner

The partner sought is a company interested in a license agreement. The partner should have a clear industrial application in mind and a strong technical background.
In case the partner needs additional points to be designed and put with the proposed solution, a technical cooperation agreement can also been considered.

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