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Mobile applications for increasing the efficiency of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic process and pre-filtration of psychosomatic disorders

Country of Origin: Hungary
Reference Number: TOHU20170829001
Publication Date: 29 August 2017


A Hungarian SME offers three complementary mobile applications for patients and doctors to find appropriate treatment (to avoid enormous psychosomatic treatment costs) through pre-screening and psychiatric examinations in therapy. The applications prevent the relapses in some personality disorders and mood disorders. The SME is looking for hospitals, universities for further development and testing, validating the applications under research/technical cooperation or joint venture agreement.


The Hungarian SME is engaged in psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and neurology. The SME is a research company working in the field of mentalization, empowerment and common decision making. Their important results of the research of these fields are used in other therapeutic areas (diabetology, cardiology, oncology).

The wrong diagnosis (mental and somatic as well) is very common in this field. Psychosomatic patients are very difficult to diagnose, and it costs a lot of money until the right therapeutic form is found. The demand for the psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services is increasing, and it means huge workload on the health institutes. Patients have to get personalized treatments and wrong therapeutic guidance should be avoided.

The aim of these psychiatric mobile applications is to maintain the psychological wellbeing, prevent relapses in some personality disorders, and maintain a level of mood-disordered patients.
1. Happiness mobile application - it makes possible to increase the wellbeing level of depressed patients.
2. Mobile application for mentally seriously ill patients: it provides the prevention of personality disorder relapses.
3. Mobile application for the prevention of mood disorders (anxious, depression).

The software giving access to some tests for clinicians and patient is ready. The website is also ready and the validation of the tests is in process. The mobile application concepts are ready.
The applications offer permanent follow-up of the therapeutic process. The DSM-5 (Diagnostic Statistics and Manual of Mental Disorders) systems contain 35-40 tests which could increase the reliability of the psychiatric diagnosis. These tests should be translated and validated to local languages. Some tests can help the health professionals and patients to identify the psychosomatic diagnosis and may prevent the long, expensive unnecessary treatments.
The company looks for partners (health institutes, universities, hospitals, rehabilitations clinics) who are engaged in psychiatric diagnosis, who know the DSM-5 diagnostic systems and would like to use the tests, and are interested in mobile application development.

Partners from Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain and Sweden are awaited.

Partners are sought who would like to take part in the development of mental mobile applications and the validation of psychiatric tests. The outcome of the desired partnership can be a common R&D project via research cooperation agreement or technical cooperation to further develop the solution. The strong co-operation with the local psychiatric and psychotherapeutic profession is very important. The company is also open to develop a new entity with the partner under joint venture agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

-	The preliminary screening helps find the right diagnose in some psychosomatic illnesses (Gynaecological, Gastroenterological, Cardiac and other) and it makes possible the right patient orientation. 
- The preliminary psychiatric screening makes possible the co-operation of different therapeutic professions.
- The usage of the psychodiagnostic tests can increase the efficiency of the psychiatric and psychotherapies.
- Psychiatric mobile applications prevent relapses of certain mental disorders, improve mood disorder and enhance mental well-being
- Applications will help patients and healthcare providers avoid long and expensive patient paths.

Stage Of Development

Project already started

Stage Of Development Comment

The tests and services are in different stages. The tests are ready for work and the company uses them with the support of American Psychiatric Association. 
This project is supported by Hungarian Psychiatric Association.

Requested partner

- Type and Specific area of activity of the partner: 
Psychiatric, psychotherapeutic institutes, hospitals, universities, rehabilitation centers.
- Task to be performed:
Partners should take part in the development of mental mobile applications and testing, validating, measuring the efficiency of the therapies.

Dissemination Countries

Austria, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden

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