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Energy-Saving automatic window system

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20170918001
Publication Date: 18 September 2017


An Italian designer of multi-skin facades for buildings has developed a new module, capable of reducing the building's energy demand by about 70% compared to a traditional facade. The glazed system obtains solar energy gain during the winter, summer sunlight control, indoor light control, night and day time free-cooling. Companies for commercial and technical cooperation, including  production and sale of the technology, are sought.


The knowledge gained in the field of insulating glazing for buildings and continued research in this area has made it clear to the Italian designer that if the climate outside of the building changes continuously, an insulating glazing also has to change accordingly by adapting itself continuously to the climatic variables. Currently the sector proposes prefabricated or predefined insulating glazing systems which cannot continuously change the intrinsic thermo physical and optical physical characteristics. The application of specific technical solutions has allowed the thermo physical and optical physical characteristics of each single glazed module to be changed continuously, thus achieving a dynamic glazing system. This glazing system has the ability to adapt and modify its configuration in real time (also visually) depending on the outdoor climate conditions, in order to improve the comfort inside a building. The development of this new technology allows various types of insulating glazing in a single solution, thus achieving a lower energy demand of the building. The patents, 2D and 3D detailed designs, prototypes, and the reference of a University that has calculated the energy performance of the glazed module can be made available. Companies operating in foreign markets from the fields of engineering, metalworking or mechanical engineering industry and investors, companies interested in expanding their business into other areas, companies interested in founding a consortium, start-ups for young people and in general those who are interested in commercial and technical cooperation for the development of new products are being sought. The Italian designer has a national patent valid in the Italian country.

Advantages and Innovations

The idea behind this proposal is to create glass façade solutions for buildings, even in the face of an ever increasingly demand for design but not as an end in itself, allowing each single glazed module to change colour tones (without the use of electro -chemical glass) while maintaining transparency. The visual impact is entirely made of glass alone for the exterior and interior of the building. If greater attention has been paid to achieving the best possible result for energy savings, further goals have been achieved:
- Cost efficiency , advantageous compared to glass-façade solutions on the market;
- Gross profit margins of about Euro 300.00 / m2 of glazing system;
- The glazed system can be operated in automatic, semi-automatic, and manual mode;
- Possibility to realise micro-greenhouses inside the glazing module;
- The metalwork components and the mechanical component of the module are totally innovative, as is the case with the glazing component as compared to the current constructional reference techniques;
- The components of the product can be easily assembled and only a cordless screwdriver is required;
- Within certain limits it is possible to vary the width and height of the glazing module while maintaining the same components and accessories of the assembly kit. Only the float glass sheets must be cut to the assembler's measurements;
- Reductions in energy demand by renewable energy sources;
- Building energy consumption: 13 KWh/(m2.a) during the summer, 3 KWh/(m2.a) during the winter. It is possible to halve the indicated consumption.

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

Companies in metalworking or steel structural industry, glazing industry or engineering companies. The partner will also partecipate in the development of the prototype.

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