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Covid-19 - Social distancing monitoring, tracing and localisation solution

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20200527001
Publication Date: 19 June 2020


An Italian company based in a Science and Technology Park has developed a technology that allows monitoring of social distancing, tracking and localization, in compliance with rules related to Covid-19 and its needs on distancing applicable to business activities in post-emergency scenarios. 
The company is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance with companies or other organisations interested in the technology.


Covid-19 emergency has brought new scenarios in our daily lives, and adaptation to new needs becomes essential to start businesses again. 
Safety and prevention are the first goal, for this reason the Italian company behind the profile offers innovative, modular, highly technological solutions that guarantees compliance with the rules of distancing, tracking and localization, indoors and outdoors.
The company has developed a solution based on the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, which helps companies in the difficult task of maintaining the correct social distancing of customers and employees of a specific company.
It is an indispensable support for people and companies, to prevent risks and intervene before the infection occurs.
It can be scaled incrementally thanks to specific modules, which cover both outdoor and indoor situations.
The company is open to commercial agreements with technical assistance with companies interested in adaptation to specific needs.

Advantages and Innovations

The system is customizable to individual needs and allows:
- Wearable: it is available in bracelet or keychain format and does not need apps or other systems. It resists water, shocks and dust and is easily sanitizable.
- Spot: it allows you to detect gatherings in specific areas in real time (companies, schools, gyms, squares, parks, supermarkets ...), to identify risky behavior and promptly intervene to protect health.
- Professional: an analytical tracking of all wearable located in a
limited area allows data collection for retrospective traceability of the single person with whom a positive subject has come into contact, isolating them because they are exposed to the risk of

Stage Of Development

Prototype available for demonstration

Requested partner

The company is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance. There is no specific sector restriction, company can customize the solution depending on counterpart's specific need.

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