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Italian Company interested in being partner of Green Deal Call 2020 - Call area 1, projects related to wildfires

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20200907001
Publication Date: 8 September 2020


An Italian company is interested in taking part, as a partner or as a supplier, in project proposals addressing environmental monitoring, risk prevention and risk mitigation, sensors and wildfires, through decision support systems. The company already has experience in EU funded projects and is open to research or technical collaborations with other EU organisations working to submit under Green Deal Call 2020, call area 1, Increasing climate ambition: cross-sectoral challenges.


The nowadays worldwide wildfire context is defined by extreme fire behaviour characterized by rapid fire spread, intense burning, long-range fire spotting and unpredictable shifts. Extreme wildfire events have an extraordinary socio-economic impact in terms of both loss of human life and economic damage. The main problems that faced firefighters operators are: lack of reliable early-time fire detection tools; unpredictability of fire ignition and unpredictable behavior of extreme events. The Italian company has developed a software solution contributing to the reduction of environment and economic damages caused by forest fires. The solution is an end-to-end Decision Support System (DSS) , that aims to support actions in the three main phases of fire management: 
1. forest fire prevention and mitigation,
2. event management and
3. post-fire recovery.

The solution assures, through satellite images, in-situ ancillary data and weather numerical predictions, timely and reliable fire forecast information. The main target market are public administrations responsible for fire monitoring, prevention, management and damage mitigation; privates as insurance companies and financial entities are also potential customers.

The Italian company is interested in bein involved as a partner or as a supplier, and finding a potential consortium that could include from public administrations to private companies, involved in fire monitoring, prevention, management and damage mitigation, interested in submitting a proposal under the mentioned call, priority area 1, Increasing climate ambition: cross-sectoral challenges.
Company has recently received funding for also developing feasibility study outside EU (Australia target country), and would be interested in both research collaboration (as a partner in projects proposals), or technical collaborations (as a supplier).

Advantages and Innovations

The solution refers to a Decision Support System for civil protection and organisations involved in firefighting.

Stage Of Development

Project already started

Requested partner

Partners and coordinators that are currently involved in or thinking to form consortia for the H2020 Green Deal call. 
Organisations with Horizon 2020 experience that are active in disaster relief and wildfire management or need partners or suppliers that can provide such services.
Type of collaboration would be research cooperation in case the company is involved as a partner, or technical cooperation in case the company is identified as a supplier.

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