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Italian furniture designer and manufacturer offers licence to use cutting-edge patented technology to manufacture sustainable custom-made furniture

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20201112001
Publication Date: 13 November 2020


An Italian company, furniture designer and manufacturer, has reinvented the traditional production methods to make them cheaper and more sustainable. They have devised, patented and extensively used an alternative production process of custom-made furniture focused on the principles of the Circular Economy. The company offers its technology and know-how and is searching for partners for licencing or technical cooperation.


An Italian company, furniture designer and manufacturer with decades-long experience, has reinvented the laborious traditional production methods.
The technology is the result of a deep knowledge of traditional methods and of the desire and necessity to innovate them by providing a simpler, smarter, cheaper and more sustainable system to manufacture custom-made furniture. The innovation concerns the manufacturing process, and therefore the product as well.

The manufacturing process is radically simplified (in terms of skills required, time, effort and materials needed) and the application of the technology is universal, allowing a great level of freedom in the production planning. It is ideal for any kind of furniture: wardrobes, kitchens, bookshelves, stairs, partition walls, and it is suited to all environments, be it the home, the office, a shop, a public building, both indoors and outdoors.

The technology essentially consists in three patented elements: two profiles made of very light die-cast aluminium, and one joint. The profiles are cut to measure and by assembling them with the joint it is possible to build a light, stable, customizable frame, which will be the bearing structure of the piece of furniture. The system is thus autonomous and self-supporting, allowing not to use wooden parts such as sides and, in case of a wall furniture, rear, base and topside. Furthermore, the key characteristics of profiles make them compatible with almost all available hardware on the market, such as drawer slides, hinges and so on. These can be freely set in any position, as well as different types of doors, sliding or hinged. Since the profiles can be cut at any given measure, the custom furniture that is created in this way is not limited by standardized sizes, and can therefore be extended in all directions in a ‘continuous’ module-free way, allowing to reach even great depth, and this is impossible when using the traditional method of manufacturing.

The company offers the whole technology and all the relevant know-how, and is searching for partners for licencing or technical cooperation.




Advantages and Innovations

A comparison of the two manufacturing methods (traditional versus this technology) in the creation of the same closet shows that this technology reduces:
• Weight by 87%
• Volume by 98%
• Use of wood by 70%
These excellent results should be considered alongside the respective savings during the manufacturing phase in terms of energy, human labour, transport of the piece, warehouse storage space, as well as the remarkable decrease of time and skills necessary for production. Finally, all the structural elements can be recycled and reused in new and perhaps different projects: from a closet to a bookshelf, from a bookshelf to a kitchen etc.

Advantages of this technology can be seen specifically in 2 different fields:

Contrary to the traditional building system (which works by joining standard modules), this technology can develop freely in all three spatial directions, continuously, without dimensional limits. It ensures an optimization of the use of space thanks to its perfect fit. Briefly:
• Personalization:without any standard dimension to conform to and adaptable to any architectural characteristic
• Ability to avoid structural or drywall modifications
• Ability to reach great depths

This ‘evolved’ furniture is a product designed and created using only what is necessary and able to remain in an open life cycle. It enables us to reuse all the elements of the building technology in new and different furniture.
• Saving on wood and materials up to 70%
• Reduction of more than 70% in terms of weight and volume for stocking
• Reduction of space taken up machinery and stocks
• Saving on energy during production phases
• Increase in durability, stability and solidity of furniture
• Separability of all components
• Re-use of all elements of the technology

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company offers the patented technology under licencing to furniture producers, wholesalers and distributors. The company will transfer to the partners the know-how and expertise, which have been acquired through years of use and design, of testing and production for several different kinds of application. The company is particularly interested in partners in Northern Europe.
The company is looking for furniture producers also for technical cooperation agreement finalised to market application.

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