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An Italian company specializing in historical haute couture dresses and costumes offers manufacturing agreements.

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TOIT20210709001
Publication Date: 9 July 2021


An Italian company with a long experience in the theatrical sector has founded an atelier to create tailored clothes on historical models. This company is interested in offering manufacturing agreements to partners in the theater, museum, and event organisations of historical reenactments in the China, Russia, Germany, Dubai, France markets. The company’s philosophy is a continuous research and study of the historical representation of the dress.


This Italian company was established in 2006 with the aim of creating stage sets for theaters and museums.
In 2009 a scenic tailoring lab was acquired by the owners for the creation and manufacture of dresses based on historical models, museum dresses, re-enactments and haute couture stage costumes.
The clothes made by this Italian company, an atelier that creates exclusive clothes for detail and style, represent unique works, thanks to the meticulous and coherent historical contextualization work that precedes the drafting of the sketch.
The project, which begins with the analysis of the uses and customs of the period of interest, continues through an accurate bibliographic research and study of ancient and original paintings and representations of the various periods, in order to create a dress as coherent as possible to the original.
Their creations are all hand-finished by the owner who, with skillful and expert craftsmanship, performs with great passion and attention to detail, clothes involving the use of fabrics that best identify the historical period, both for the yarns and for the decorations.
This company, for the care it takes in the creation of clothes and in the selection of details. specializes in the creation of unique pieces and not in serial production.
This company has been accumulating a lot of experience in over thirty years of activity in the sector and for this reason the owners have decided to share their know-how with other realities, offering advice and support of all kinds both for historical research, the creation of the sketch for the selection of fabrics, as well as for the tailoring of the dress.
1)Design of the fashion sketch: it is the actual design of a dress which, in this phase, is studied and planned in the form of a sketch. Through these drawings, figures are created that can represent the idea of the dress that the customer has in mind.
2)Prototype creation: very important phase since it is possible to evaluate the proposal and understand if it corresponds to the initial idea of the customer
3)Fitting and removal the defects: includes all the changes made after the customer has viewed the prototype.
4)Creation of the clothes: this is the production and making phase of the dress.
This company is interested in offering manufacturing agreements with partners of the theater, museum, and event organizations of historical reenactments in the China, Russia, Germany, Dubai, France markets. The objectives of this company are: to collaborate with partners to develop historical clothes for those markets and establish a successful and long-term mutual cooperation.



Advantages and Innovations

A partnership with this Italian company represents a preferable choice, as it carries out a meticulous research and a faithful reconstruction of the historical costume. taking into account the period, the fabrics, the lines, the accessories and above all what is not seen. All the under structures and corsets are also important: from busts to petticoats to cotton underwear. The owners personally select the materials to be used for the creation of the clothes, taking care of the details of the project from start to finish, collaborating directly with national and international suppliers, precious partners for the research of fabrics and decorations. The attention to the craftsmanship and the workmanship is the strength of a company that has always been committed to designing and creating haute couture garments, exclusive and unique in terms of workmanship and style.

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Requested partner

This company is interested in offering manufacturing agreements, making its experience available to cooperate with partners in the theater, museum, and event organizations of historical reenactments in the China, Russia, Germany, Dubai, France markets, in order to promote and create new historical clothes to be shown in these countries during local events and demonstrations.
The idea is to get in touch with new partners who know how to appreciate the experience of a company that has been working for years with study and dedication to create clothes with attention to every detail.
The desired partners belong to the entertainment industry (theater, museum, television and film) or amateurs of historical clothing, in order to promote its products and brand, establishing a successful and long-term mutual co-operation. These areas were chosen following a research showing that they are very attractive markets of fashion, historical re-enactment and entertainment.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests