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Peptide therapeutics for the treatment of Osteoporosis and Arthritis, based on in-house developed technology

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20170724001
Publication Date: 24 July 2017


A Korean SME is offering expertise technology on peptide therapeutics for the treatment of osteoporosis and arthritis.They are looking for companies interested to buy developed knowledge and offering financial, or license agreement.


A Korea based public SME is listed in Korean stock market which was originally based on university research center supported by government grant. The main pipeline of SME is peptide therapeutics for osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer, anti-obesity, NASH(Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis), atopic dermatics and combination products with regenerative biomaterials targeting for bone regeneration of fracture healing. Regenerative biomaterials of SME have already been commercialized and sold to global market. The market for the regenerative products is for dental and orthopaedics. Especially dental bone regenerative products have been approved by US FDA(Food and Drug Aministration) and CE as wells as Korean FDA.
In-house developed peptide therapeutics have well established mode of action for the target indication and efficacy/safety profile has been identified by animal study. The variability of administration route (i.e. dermal application) can be even beneficial over the current administration (injection). The peptide therapeutics can be a combination for the current treatment practice, as the peptides works through different targets to the current available drugs.

[Bone Regenerative Peptide : Candidate for Osteoporosis and Obesity Treatment]

It has a high collagen binding affinity and increases the mineralization, which is the final stage of bone regeneration. It increases osteogenic differentiation while decreasing adipogenic differentiation in mesenchynal stem cells. It is currently undergoing toxicity tests in a GLP(good laboratory practice) test agency. Currently, the osteoporosis treatment market is dominated by osteolysis inhibitors. PTH(parathyroid hormone) is the only osteogenesis promoting therapeutic agent on the market, but its short half-life increases the chance of osteosarcoma when administered over a sustained period. It has osteogenesis function through promotion of TAZ(transcriptional coativator with PDZ bidning motif) expression. With its first-in-class osteogenic mechanism targeting osteoblast, it is a candidate for safety-proven osteoporosis treatment.

[Anti-inflammatory/Anti-microbial Peptide : Candidate for Arthritis, Psoriasis, Atopy, Periodontitis, Chronic Inflammation Therapy, NASH, and Cancer Treatment]

It has cell/skin penetration activity and reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines and protein expression. The anti-inflammatory activity was demonstrated in rat lung inflammation and mouse arthritis models. It treated model decreased hindpaws volume and arthritis score similar with Enbrel. In addition, it can be developed as topical formulation including patch or ointment due to skin penetration activity. This can increase patient’s compliance than injection formulation, regular administration method biologics. It has no side effects and is a new drug candidate for various inflammatory diseases including arthritis, psoriasis, atopy, and NASH.

The SME is looking for industrial partner or public bodies in the field of pharmaceutical or biochemistry that are interested in licensing agreement. They are offering financial agreement with set out terms on how the parties would like to divide their financial resources. Any partners who want to market tech technology is welcomed to contact.

Advantages and Innovations

Peptide was developed by peptide discovery technology (PEScovery). PEPscovery is to find active site in protein and it rapid and exact discovery tool. The target protein is treated by enzyme and protein fragments are passed through column that immobilized target molecules. The peptide fragments are collected and it is tested by rapid screening protocol of binding affinity and cell activity. Then, the sequence of active peptide is identified. 
The bioactive peptide is combined with smart peptide, then it can be developed as pharmaceutical therapeutics. This strategy is named as Target Oriented Peptide Therapeutics Discovery (TOPscovery). The cell penetrating peptide can enhance the efficacy of peptide that should interact inside cells. The binding affinity peptide can increase the stability of bioactive peptide by binding with materials.

Stage Of Development

Field tested/evaluated

Requested partner

Type of partner sought
Specific area of activity of partner
- peptide pharmaceutical candidates for osteoporosis, inflammatory disease, tumor treatment, immune modulation, and etc to new therapeutics
Tasks to be performed by the partner sought
- license agreement and financial agreement.

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