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A Korean research institute is searching for an international business and technological partner for its virtual infrastructure for its high-speed cloud service

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20180621002
Publication Date: 21 June 2018


The Korean research institute has developed virtual infrastructure technology to support a high-speed cloud service. The high-speed cloud service includes mobile virtual desktop and cloud integrated storage service. The research institute is looking for companies and R&D institutes for international business and technological partners; preferred types of collaboration are license agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance and technical cooperation.


Cloud computing is an information technology that enables ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system resources often over the Internet. A government-funded South Korean research institute specializing in ICT is currently developing a cloud-integrated storage system to unify the on-premise storage and cloud storage like as AWS S3, Ceph, and Swift. 

The cloud integrated system developed has a single storage view integrating on-premise and cloud storages. It also offers multiple storage layers including main memory, SSD (solid-state drive), HDD (hard disk drive) and public cloud storage. Considering user requirements and data access characteristics, the storage tiering can be automatically arranged based on policy. Based on the main memory, the highest speed storage layer can be employed.

A cloud system, if without a secure protection, may cause a serious damage on the entire data. A global document editting program were under attack in 2013 from hackers and both lost valuable users' information because of the attack. If the application has an unstable programming interface, there may be a loophole in the security and could exposed to the internal/external threat.

However, the research institute’s data system is an exception to such worries: data access control prohibits unauthorized data access for data lifecycle from creation to deletion. Also, secure data transfer protocol is guaranteed between on-premise and public cloud storages.

Next to the cloud integrated system, the research institution also has developed a memory-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to improve the performance of existing disk-based VDI. This technology is named an in-memory VDI. As a result, the in-memory VDI can provide the fast boot time that is several dozen times faster than the existing ones, and the time for provisioning is also improved.
In-memory VDI has features as follows:

- High-speed virtual desktop data processing based on in-memory system
- Optimized memory usage based on inline data deduplication & compression
- Real-time data synchronization between main memory and backup storage for data recovery
- Modular architecture for easy & quick virtual desktop provisioning
- Fast user image management system
- Web-based management interface
- Adaptive client service based on client resources
- Various client environments such as Windows/Linux, ARM (Advanced RISC Machine)-based system and Android

The memory-based VDI utilizes the cloud integrated storage system for storing user data such as documents, music, movies and etc. Thus, the memory-based VDI can enjoy both advantages of high speed of the in-memory system and large user data storage of the cloud integrated storage system. Also, the storage system alone can provide scalable and flexible storage without the VDI system.

The research institute would like to collaborate with companies or research institutes developing mobile virtual desktop and cloud integrated storage service for international business and technological partnership; Under a license agreement, partners are expected to produce in-memory VDI and cloud integrated storage systems. The result would be finished products.
Also, under commercial agreement with technical assistance, a partner is expected to be responsible for the introduction to the local market and the result would be sales of the products.
The research institution has many experiences of cooperation with Europe and would like to further expand the area of technical cooperation. The expected role of the partner in this case is the localization of the technology.




Advantages and Innovations

1) Scalable and flexible integrated storage system
- Unified storage view including on-premise and cloud storages
- Automated storage tiering orchestrating various storage layers including high speed storages and large size storages without user intervention
- Main memory storage layer for highest access speed
- Accelerating data access to public cloud storage
- Standard storage interface such as block, file and object storage interfaces
- Various data encryption and protection mechanisms prohibiting unintended data access for data lifecycle
- Scalable storage system based on cluster system architecture

2) High-speed memory-based virtual desktop (VDI)
- High speed VDI system utilizing main memory
- Supports more virtual machines (which are emulations of a computer system) and higher speed than previous disk-based VDI
- Real-time backup mechanism supporting safe storing of VM located in volatile main memory to backup storage without performance degradation
- Various types of clients including Windows/Linux, ARM (Advanced RISC Machine)-based system and Android.
- Modular architecture for easy & quick virtual desktop provisioning

3) Combined service model of the main memory VDI and the cloud integrated storage
- Rich user experience based on high speed cloud service
- Large and flexible user data storage service by cloud integrated storage system
- Control and monitoring of VDI users' sensitive data
- Cost optimization of the user data storage through automated tiering

Stage Of Development

Available for demonstration

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: SME, normal enterprises, research institutes, university research institutes

- Specific area of activity of the partner: All business areas that need high speed cloud services

- Task to be performed:
- In case of a commercial agreement with technical assistance and license agreement: production of in-memory VDI and cloud integrated storage system or application of the technology in other products

- In case of technical cooperation:
- localization of technology

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