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A Korean optical semiconductors and sensor manufacturer is searching for a German automotive OEM suppliers and optical sensors companies

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20181029001
Publication Date: 29 October 2018


A Korean company is specialized in developing and producing element level of components and industrial sensor based on optical semiconductors. The company is capable of producing products from the level of small components to finished products which makes it possible to cooperate with different levels of customers. The company wants to cooperate with automotive OEM suppliers and optical sensor company under commercial agreement with technical assistance and manufacturing agreement.


A Korean company develops and produces industrial sensors and element-level parts based on optical semiconductors.
In the sensor industry, the extension of the application sphere brings the necessity of developing products suitable for various users’ demands.

In addition, the industry structure is characterized by difficulties in standardizing product, as it is vital to develop products that have the size, structure and characteristics suitable for the design of the customer’s final product.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to satisfy all customers’ needs in diverse markets with high-volume and low-variety mass production. Instead, low-volume and high-variety production makes it possible to develop a product suitable for each customer’s needs.

As the company possesses both a technology lab and production facilities, the design and production in any stage from wafer-stage parts to final product is possible. Due to this vertical integration of semiconductor chip, semiconductor sensor, sensor module and LED(light-emitting diode) application module, the company obtains competitive advantage for cost per unit.

Finally, the company’s core technologiesㅡcircuit technology that prevents malfunction caused by ambient light and product design technology (that can endure extreme environment conditions)ㅡ will increase the completeness of a product.

The company’s goal is to provide a total solution of sensor to the customers. Especially, the company has started to focus on the automotive sensor industry as autonomous car would become a common form of transportation in the near future. Thus, sensors offering accurate detection of surrounded environment of vehicles will become more and more important.

In 2017, the company developed and acquired patent for the integrated sensor for automobile. Rain sensor detecting rain drops on the windshield of a vehicle, sun road sensor detecting location of the sun and auto light sensor detecting brightness of light are integrated into a single sensor. The company has already been supplying automotive sensors to some of the German automotive parts companies.

Based on the experience of working with German companies, this Korean company believes that their products have strong potential in the automotive market and wishes to find German automotive OEM(original equipment manufacturer) suppliers and optical sensor companies to expand their market further under commercial agreement with technical assistance or manufacturing agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

1)	Detection of the light waves at various wavelength and several operation principles allowing a wide range of application
- Able to sense a specific wavelength band by filter deposition technology
2) Both short and long-distance sensing is possible
- Products that cover wide range of distance from millimeter unit to several meters
3) Anti-saturation circuit technology that prevents malfunction due to ambient light
- Korean patent for anti-saturation circuit technology for optical sensors
4) Easily applied to automation sensor since prompt response is possible with non-contact method
5) Eco-friendly product (operates at low power)

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought: German automotive OEM suppliers and optical sensor companies 

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Manufacturing of automotive parts, optical sensor

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