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Smart manhole operating management system using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: TOKR20190118001
Publication Date: 24 January 2019


A Korean company specialized in underground facility management system wishes to expand its overseas markets through license agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance, and research cooperation agreement. This technology provides advanced water supply management solution to respond to incident or disaster and supports city infrastructure management.


A Korean SME was established in 1992 to provide total solution for underground facility management. Backed by creative and innovative technology, the company developed smart manhole operating management system using RFID(radio frequency identification). 

1. Overview
Smart manhole operating management system using RFID is an underground facility management solution which is applied with RFID ubiquitous technology and GIS(geographic information system) technology. It manages various underground facilities such as water supply and sewage pipe, telecommunication line, gas line, and etc. with intelligent method. It enables prompt response to incidents by creating network and upgrades IT infrastructure system.

2. Modules
1) Water supply and sewage SCADA(supervisory control and data acquisition) system
- Water supply observation information
- Water flow rate management information
- TM/TC(tele-metering /tele-control) of fluid pressure, flow rate, and water quality
- Sewage observation information
2) UIS(urban information system)
- Telecommunication line observation information
- Gas line observation information
- Electricity line observation information

3. Functions
- Incident reaction management
- Facility history management
- Statistics/report
- Observation management
- Facility property management

4. Contents
1) RFID object property information
- Location
- Installation date
- Pipe diameter and material
- Hydrant
- Sluice valve(deflector)
- Disorder record
2) Facility management information
- Facility information
- Facility status(management of the worn-out)
- Observation information
- Road information
- Surrounding information
- Other facility information
- Predicted point of water leakage

Advantages and Innovations

1) It increases efficiency by providing underground facility information to field crew and operation manager.
- Conventional manhole management system has low efficiency because field crew cannot find related data at the site. Data management is also difficult without work history such as work photos and work log. In addition, operation manager often needs to visit the site to check it, which results in work delay.
- Workers can use this system with a smartphone, and they can read and record data at the site with it. In consequence, it raises the efficiency and convenience, reduces the national budget, and solves the traffic problems through fast and accurate underground facility management.
2) Various systems supporting operation management are provided.
- Operation management server system, web service, mobile application service, and RFID(radio frequency identification) interworking service are provided.
3) It enables to grasp the accurate location of the facilities
- It is difficult to find accurate location of facility when it is night, it rains, cars are parked or somethings are piled on the facility, or facilities are located close to each other. In this situation, the system supports to find accurate location of facility.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

- Type of partner sought
Companies, public institutions, private institutions which deal with underground facility management

- Specific area of activity of the partner:
Any companies and institutions related to utility project and underground facilities such as water supply, sewage, gas line, electricity line, and telecommunication line

- Task to be performed:
Partners should be interested in power supplies to form a partnership under license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance

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