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Cloud-based system for utility meter and sensor data collection and monitoring

Country of Origin: Latvia
Reference Number: TOLV20180514002
Publication Date: 16 May 2018


A company from Latvia has developed a solution for monitoring and data collection from various utility meter sensors and other measurements. Transmitters are developed to support wide range of utility meters (water, heat, energy) as well as different environment sensors, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, and other. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance with partners interested in implementation of the technology in customised real-time monitoring systems.


In many cases there is necessity to collect various data. The best way is to use remote data collection approach. Especially convenient are cloud-based systems for meter and sensor data collection, providing frequent data readings, data storage, presentation, analytics and alarms.

A company from Latvia is offering utility meter and sensor data collection and monitoring cloud-based service. In comparison to similar devices with manual utility meter, the offered data collection device provides more precise and operative data, which makes consumption billing precise, and allows additional functionality – consumption analytics, real-time alerts and anomaly detection.

The company provides utility meter and sensor data collection and monitoring using cloud-based service. Service is based on developed in-house cloud portal, data gateways and battery-powered radio transmitters for meter and sensor data. The solution provides efficient and economical data collection and transmission – wireless from meter or sensor to data gateway, and through internet from gateway to portal.
Transmitters are developed to support wide range of utility meters (water, heat, energy) from different vendors as well as different environment sensors, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2, and other. Hardware is modular and can be configured for different sensors, data speeds and transmission range.

Portal provides data storage, processing, presentation, analytics and alerting, as well as data export to external systems for billing and integration. Portal is highly scalable, multi-tenant and multi-lingual.

The offered solution is powerful and flexible, it can be expanded and customised to specific needs.

The company is looking for co-operation partners interested in implementation this technology in customised real-time monitoring systems. Company is offering commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Advantages and Innovations

Main technical advantages: 
• Easy to deploy and expand, scalable and multi-tenant.
• Sensors power-efficiency – data each 15 min for 10 years without battery replacement.
• Versatility: almost any device can be connected. The company proposes customisation and integration services.
• Portal with multi-language support – new languages will be added, when required.

Solution advantages:
System supports utility meters and sensors from different vendors, and any missing meter can be easy integrated.
System can be used for different telemetry goals, as it supports many different sensors - temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure, etc., as well as integration with different systems (access control, temperature -switch, etc.) for monitoring, real-time alerting and reporting / logging.
Different monitoring data are available from the same portal, same WEB-interface, but each sensor screen can be customized and optimized as needed.
Web system includes multi-language, multi-tenant and multi-level administration system for transmitter and user configuration.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Type of partner - state organisations, municipalities, municipal organisations, real-estate companies, factories, rental property owners, etc., interested in measurement and sensor data collection.

Role of partner sought: collaboration in adaptation of the technology for local/specific needs / formulate specifications.

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