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Innovative raw and edible organic cosmetic products

Country of Origin: Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of
Reference Number: TOMK20190619001
Publication Date: 5 July 2019


A Macedonian cosmetics producer offers innovative raw and edible organic cosmetics with long, 3-year shelf life with no preservatives added. All products are made at 36 degrees Celsius, using no heating and enabling higher retention of products’ ingredients, cost and energy efficiency. Academic/research organisations from pharmaceutical industry or biochemical labs are partners sought for technical cooperation agreements. Cooperation is also offered to investors under financial agreements.


All cosmetic products on the market can be divided into 3 main groups: chemical, natural and organic cosmetics. As the skin absorbs 80% of everything that is applied to it, all absorbed ingredients must be metabolised through the liver and eliminated from the body. For this to happen, the substances must be polar which is not the case with the chemical cosmetics that are made of non-polar petrochemical ingredients. Natural cosmetics contain 70% natural ingredients and contain no artificial colorants and perfumes, but in many cases the natural ingredients from which the product is made are not of controlled origin. For illustration, rose oil from roses that has been grown in polluted soils with heavy metals in an environment close to factories, sprayed with pesticides, can be used and these toxins will be transferred to the final cosmetic product. The requirements for the organic cosmetics are stricter, demanding that organic products contain 99% natural ingredients coming from a certified organic producer i.e. been grown in an unpolluted environment without the use of pesticides. Nevertheless, organic cosmetic product can possess chemical preservatives for making them stable for up to 1 year or to have perfumers and odour correctors added to their structure. 

To address these challenges, the Macedonian small cosmetic formulator and manufacturer has introduced the concept of raw cosmetics that is classified as organic cosmetics, but goes beyond the advantages of organic and natural and is aiming to revolutionise the cosmetics industry. The process used in the company’s laboratory provides an opportunity for removal of all permitted preservatives, fragrances and extracts. The technological procedures enable the company to obtain completely organic, non-toxic, non-allergenic and stable products with a 3-year shelf life using laws of physics instead of preservatives. The production of the raw cosmetics products takes place at temperature of 36 degrees Celsius, allowing for complete retention of vitamin C and antioxidants that are otherwise lost in the conventional production process.

The Macedonian cosmetics manufacturer is the first and leading company in the region when it comes to the production of raw and organic cosmetics. The process is done in line with the GMP guidance (Good Manufacturing Practice) based on a patent applied for technological procedure for manufacturing of raw and edible cosmetics with 96 formulations. The products are made from fresh edible components such as: fresh squeezed fruits and vegetables, plants, unrefined cold pressed oils, unrefined butters in their fresh form without extractions, additives, processing or preservatives. As the processing does not involve any heating, all of the nutrients are retained and the final product has the same composition as the initial fresh raw material from which is made. The raw cosmetic products are 50% richer in terms of vitamins, minerals and medical materials compared to the other natural cosmetics. They are intended for both female and male skin care and include:
• Edible face and body creams with sweet taste that can be consumed;
• Scrubs from dehydrated fruit and plants dipped in cold pressed oils;
• Mature skin care serums, cleansers;
• Body butter;
• Soaps;
• Shampoos, being the most innovative formulation that freshly squeezed lemon juice, mandarin juice and other ingredients.

The company continuously works on developing new formulations/products. The products are being sold at the national market, but also in Poland, Serbia and Canada. For supporting the new product development efforts, the company seeks to establish contact with academic and/or research partners from the pharmaceutical and biochemical branches and under the terms of technical cooperation agreement jointly develop new product’s studies, formulations and dosages. The company is also seeking funding opportunities for further development and testing.


Advantages and Innovations

The main advantages of the products result from the two major innovations of the production technology: 1) production at 36 degrees Celsius and using no heating in the manufacturing, and 2) stabilization of the product using secret know-how adding no preservatives. With this biomanufacturing methods, the competitive advantages of the products are:
• Complete organic and stable products with a long shelf life (3 years);
• Increased retention of vitamins, minerals and other important ingredients;
• Lower cost products due to the use of locally available raw materials including endemic plants such as the herb providing rare natural pink;
• Additional environmental benefits due to the energy efficiency of the process and eco packaging of the products.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The Macedonian company is interested in two types of cooperation agreements: 
1) technical cooperation - with academic and research organisations or laboratories from the pharmaceutical and biochemical sectors for further technological development and/or development of new products. Potential partners should be willing to provide specific expertise and to work together with the Macedonian company on further development of raw cosmetics products.
2) financial agreement - offering the innovative biomanufacturing process for making raw and edible cosmetics to potential investors willing to provide financial resources and invest in the development projects of the Macedonian company.

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