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Dutch SME offers cost effective zero emission off-grid energy solution for offshore applications

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Reference Number: TONL20210906001
Publication Date: 7 September 2021


Dutch SME specialised in off-grid energy generation offers a cost effective zero emission energy solution for offshore applications. The company is looking for companies active in offshore wind- , oil and gas-, aquaculture- or maritime market to integrate this solution into their working process in the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


This Dutch SME offers a highly versital energy solution for several offshore apllications. It can be adapted to meet the specific needs of the client and can be utilized in any environmental condition and in remote off-grid locations. 
With the combination of the patented offshore wind turbine, and the vertical orientated solar photovoltaic panels and battery storage integrated with the container, it directly competes with conventual transportable power generators without any emissions (up to 50tons CO2 reduction per year).

Oil and gas
For the oil and gas this company could offer a sustainable alternative for diesel gensets while a platform is in lighthouse mode. It supports the cost reduction of Cessation of production and operating expance (CoP OpEx) drive (running at half the cost of an equivalent diesel genset) for late life- cycle of offshore assets due to be decommissioned. The energy systems are custom-build units to fit the platforms' load requirements before deployment.

Offshore wind
Constructing the large offshore wind turbines need to be placed on top of steel transition pieces in the foundations, which are very similar in design and height above wave base as oil & gas topsides. The placement of the foundations normally occur 12-18 months before the turbine itself is placed. During this time the steel foundations require power to run the ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) systems before being grid connected. Traditionally, small diesel gensets are deployed on each of the 40-80 transition pieces to support these low power requirements. These can easily be replaced by his company sustainable energy solution.

As aquaculture industry is increasing, fish farms are moved further offshore due to improved water circulation and more space. This will lead to a higher number of fish farms without a grid connection. Subsequently this will result in an increase in fossil fuels needed to provide energy for: feeding systems, cranes, monitoring equipment, handling equipment etc.

The company energy solution offers a clean replacement for diesel gensets and provides renewable power on-board of ships and shore-side with customized battery banks. When these are charged at sea, both through the ship's engines and by the system itself, ample power is available when docked. While in port, the energy system continues to generate power, without the need to use the ship's diesel engines. This will result in the reduction of harmful emissions in port areas.

The company is looking for industrial partners in above mentioned markets interested in improving their energy efficiency by implementing the company's energy solution through a commercial agreement with technical assistance.




Advantages and Innovations

- Zero emission (up to 50tons CO2 reduction per year)
- Autonomous, sustainable, compact power plant
- No costs to regularly fill the units by boat
- Less maintenance: every 10000 hrs instead of every 400/500 hrs for conventional systems.
- No Noise pollution while operating this system produce noice simalar to a modern fridge.
- Sun and wind are used complementary
- Green and cost-efficient alternative to diesel generator
- Energy buffer via battery packs
- Remotely monitored and operated

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company is looking for industrial partners active in the decribed markets willing to improve their energy efficiency by reducing their carbon footprint and costs by implementing this company's energy solution. The company envisages a commercial agreement with technical assistance, but is also open to start with a pilot project first.

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