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A Polish company offers technology that enables to develop a control system for medicine enclosed at soft capsules.

Country of Origin: Poland
Reference Number: TOPL20170831001
Publication Date: 31 August 2017


A Polish company has developed technology that allows for an automatic quality control of soft capsules. Developed vision systems enable quality control of 100% of pharmaceutical products, and through the dedicated optical design technology reduces the production cost and increase functionality of the system. The company seeks partners to cooperate via commercial agreement with technical assistance.


A Polish company developed system for quality control of soft capsules dedicated to drug manufacturers. The system (basic version) will allow to control up to 120,000 capsules per hour and detects defects such as gelatin burns, empty capsule, distorted capsule, no printing, cracking, creasing, etc. Presently used systems are not suitable for soft capsules (especially when defects are present at the edges of the capsule). There is currently no system dedicated to automatic quality control of soft capsules. In order to increase the available market, the proposed device will also allow for the control of hard capsules.

Devices present on the market provide reliable control of hard capsules but for soft capsules (gel, transparent) these systems are unreliable. The most advanced systems allow you to record two-sided tablet images, in case of hard tablets this is a sufficient solution, but it is not sufficient for soft capsule control. Soft capsules partially pass light and are oval shaped. They have the optical properties of the lens, i.e., focus the light rays. As a result, the capsule image is darkened (areas at its edges), making it difficult to properly detect defects. In the case of a more complex shape capsule ("Twist-Off Capsules"), many shadows appear in the recorded image.
The company is looking for an industrial partners to further developed control system via technical assistance and commercial agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

Currently offered devices provide control of hard capsules and tablets but are not dedicated to soft capsules and soft capsules are not effective enough to control soft capsules.
The novelty of the system proposed by the company is an optic-mechanical system that will allow to record photos of falling soft capsules. Photos of a single capsule will be made by two cameras, observing the capsule in passing light, in an optical system consisting of a set of prisms. As a result, the image of each capsule will be recorded from six perspectives. Image analysis will take place in real time and incorrect capsules will be removed using a pneumatic nozzle.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The company seeks partners among industrial entities, ideally manufactures of lines producing soft capsules in the pharmaceutical industry to cooperate via commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Cooperation offer is closed for requests